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    Post Good for Enterprise (GFE) [03-7-2014] root workaround

    Success!!! This worked! I used the 2.4 apk instead of the 2.5 from the play store and it worked! Using the gfe security patch and that 2.4 apk it finally got it working on my HTC one m8 running 4.4.2. When I tried with the play store apk and it hung up on retrieving settings and force closed...
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    Post ☆★☆ [ROM][5.0.2][OFFICIAL] LiquidSmooth v4.0 | Lollipop | [01-07-15]

    Yea I got exactly the same result. System ui went into a force close loop so I did a hard reset with volume up and power and now my data is encrypted :|. Wiped system and tried side loading the rom again no dice. Tried nandroid to another rom (gpe) and also no dice. It seems apparent that the...
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    Post [ROM] [5.1] [10/22/15] LolliGPE - Sense Apps, Xposed, F2FS, Themes[MULTICARRIER]

    Pretty solid rom for the m8. Of course the camera will come with time. Probably my biggest issue with the rom coming from an iPhone (go ahead and boo) is that lte doesn't work while on a call. Of course the phone is capable of it just the rom doesn't have the capability. Damn disappointing. I...
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    Post Splash Screens by Fader01

    Second that. If were doing hockey teams you have to do the Wings!
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    Post [s-off] rumrunner s-off for Verizon HTC One

    Awesome! Sweet thank you so much for this! I've been waiting for this phone to get s-offed so I can finally take advantage of android like its supposed to be!
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    Post Chassis Gaps

    I work at a vzw store and was checking out our demo unit which had a gap. Then I checked our stock of about 10 phones which also had gaps. Interestingly there really only seemed to be a gap at the top of the phones and not the bottom as much. Top center seemed to be the trend.
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    Post ✯{ROM}✯{JB}✯{4.1.2}✯{Shadow God}✯Jellyverse v4.0✯{GB27}✯{9/3/13}✯

    The hell... Alright boys I need some help. Haven't been able to flash v2 or v3 I keep getting the same error. Might I add I've been around the block with this stuff once or twice which is why I'm confused. The steps I took are as follows: download and check md5 mobile odin el26 cwm wipe cache...
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    Post [JB] - [ROM][ODIN][TAR]SPH-D710 FJ10 (FJ10 Kernel/ROM)

    Damn he's really part of the reason I moved over to this phone from the evo 3d. This damn thing had a billion leaks when the 3d only had ics from a slightly different virgin mobile branded evo 3d, that had permanent lasting effects on your device.
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    Post Is Samsung EVER going to fix Wi-Fi disconnect issue???

    Ok thank god someone else has this issue I just always thought I was losing it. This only happened to me coming back from jb so I thought it may have done some permanent damage somehow even though that's not really even possible. I have a linksys router too its the ea4500. Sweet router and its...
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    Post BRICK

    What happens when you press the power button? Does it say galaxy s2? If so you should be able to get the phone into download mode and do an odin restore of ff18 that I'm linking below. Its a one click and is pretty easy if you just follow the instructions...
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    Post BRICK

    Ok first off if you have a I9100 you are in the wrong forum because judging by your profile it says you have tmobile. This is the forum for the sprint variant with the model number d710. The forum I think you are looking for is here Edit: I saw that you actually did post there... and it looks...
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    Post Can't flash anything! ro.product.device / build.product errors in recovery

    If you are bone stock, that would mean you don't have a custom recovery which would allow you to flash unsigned files? I'm just trying to understand where you are at in order to help. Are you stock and if so gb or ics? It sounds like a recovery issue or maybe a problem with the zip you are...
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    Post Bad Battery Life in Jellybean

    Jb battery life has been fine for me. I get about 2-2:30 hrs screen on time which typically includes playing music for about an hour each day, wifi or 3g on 24/7, along with 10-60 texts and a few quick phone calls. It's not as good as gingerbread but I would say it is better than early ics...
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    Post Is the official ice cream sandwich update any good ?

    Every time I try ics its still buggy for me. Sometimes the capacitive buttons don't work for a couple seconds, or the weird visual glitch in the task manager. None of it seems worth the hassel. JB is the way to go imo with project butter this thing is bulletproof. Yea they are a bit unstable...
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    Post Samsung 4.1 Update List

    I don't expect to see a jelly bean update for this phone. I would genuinely be surprised if it sees official jb. Although they said the sgsII that doesn't mean the epic 4g touch variant. More stuff to support and more stuff to go wrong that becomes sprints problem. Also, people would see how...