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    Post [KERNEL] (010) KK442 GSM(3.4+ Hybrid/OC/Intelliplug/active/fauxsound)[08-02-2014]

    Wow, awesome seeing Faux on here! Good times from the GNex days! I'll flash this on my VZW Dev Edition to try it out.
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    Post [KERNEL] [GPL] [GN] franco.Kernel r398

    Thanks for the suggestion, but still getting the same error unfortunately Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
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    Post [KERNEL] [GPL] [GN] franco.Kernel r398

    Hi Franco, Running r220, trying to get USB out audio to work. This is what I get. But snd-usb-audio.ko module is definitely there Any help?
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    Post [APP][2.1+] Total Password Security v1.1 [02-18-12][Free]

    Bump for new version! Updated look for honeycomb and ICS devices! More to come in the future!
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    Post [Q] bad battery??

    Not trying to hijack this thread but I'm starting to think my battery is bad too. I've been giving it time because this is only my 4th day with it, but its just atrocious. Yesterday: charged to 100% and took off charger immediately around 4 pm. After a moderate amount of texting, 10 minute...
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    Post [ROM] Android Revolution HD 7.1 | High Quality & Performance | LTE | Legendary

    This is my first 4G phone, but from what I've read, they disable *228 on all 4G phones because the network changes are pushed automatically to our phones via our SIM card rather than having to dial *228. So getting the Call not Sent is totally normal and would happen on a stock rom as well.
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    Post [ROM] Android Revolution HD 7.1 | High Quality & Performance | LTE | Legendary

    I would just like to say that I have NEVER had a problem with Titanium Backup, if used properly. The problem as to why you were getting the gray bars is because of the bolded text in the quote. You should NEVER restore system data when go from ROM to ROM, even if it is the same ROM. I have never...
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    Post [Kernel] HeyItsLou Defiant v1 Toro 12/27/11

    Oh my gosh, Lou is back! Thanks for your work on the Droid Inc! I look forward to trying your work out for the GNex!
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    Post [ROM] Android Revolution HD 7.1 | High Quality & Performance | LTE | Legendary

    Root and flash this. I was stock for 24 hours and then went to this. It is incredibly smooth and stable. No problems at all. But as for your questions, if you look at the OP, you'll see one of the touted features is the ext4 partitioning scheme which is a faster file system than the default...
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    Post [ROM] Android Revolution HD 7.1 | High Quality & Performance | LTE | Legendary

    Facebook sync will not work until they update their app to work properly with Android's sync specifications. It will nor work with any ICS rom until that time. You can use friendcaster, haxsync or syncmypix from the market in the meantime. Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk
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    Post Galaxy Nexus Goodbye Thread!

    I too, am joining the Galaxy Nexus crowd! It's been a great year and half everyone, hope to see all of you around GN forums!
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL] Pons CM7.2 Inc builds (20120903)

    Thanks, Pons. These KANGs brought me back to CM7 after like 9 months on MIUI builds. Just got tired of the instability and random problems with the new MIUI builds. These CM7 kangs are awesome. Great work!
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    Post [ROM][ICS][4.0.3][1-11-12][WIP] ics-deck-inc [alpha5]

    Can you report back and let us know how everything is? I'm interested in keeping it as a daily driver as I can live without the camera Sent from my HTC Incredible
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    Post HTC Rezound or Samsung Galaxy Nexus?

    Yep, definitely confirmed for tomorrow: Might stop by a store just to play with one even though my upgrade isn't until Jan 4th :/
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    Post [ROM][ICS][4.0.3][1-11-12][WIP] ics-deck-inc [alpha5]

    I agree. I'm on it, it's pretty good so far although it's the first ICS rom that I've been on so I can't really compare. Edit: 2 bugs I see are Google music force closing and mms not downloading Sent from my HTC Incredible