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    Post General Be careful! There are two types of screens!

    Took a few pictures but im not sure if its distignuishable, please someone say their opinion on what i have here.
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    Post P6 B510 update failed

    Try putting it in the phone storage.
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    Post P6 B510 update failed

    How do you make the update? The file needs to be on a folder on your sd card called dload ---------- Post added at 10:37 PM ---------- Previous post was at 10:32 PM ---------- You should unzip the file you downloaded and put in a folder "dload" which you can create directly in your phones...
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    Post P6 B510 update failed

    This is the one im talking. Try installing this one first then go on newer versions. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5AhaM3W-eh9UXg4aE14UmU5WDg/view?usp=drivesdk
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    Post P6 B510 update failed

    You need to go step by step upgrade, first get b132 then try newer versions
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    Post Overall love

    And would you guys say note 10+ over note 10?
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    Post [TOOL] Huawei Update Extractor [UPDATED: v0.9.9.5] | OPEN-SOURCE LIBRARY

    Links are still working for me.
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    Post Ascend P6 B708 EMUI 3.0 International Firmware

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    Post [ROM][KK][P6-U06][ HYD52ROM V7] [SUPERFAST & Stable][V7 16-02-14]

    No updates available above 4.4 for the P6.
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    Post Huawei P6-U06 Stuck on Android Logo and Reboots itself

    What you need is a custom recovery installed which would allow you to wipe the phone clean and then install all from scratch.
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    Post E:failed to mount /data (Invalid argument)

    You don't need to work with adb to get it done. What you need is to get to fastboot mode, then connect it to a computer and flash a custom recovery (twrp). With that you can wipe data partition and work your way from there. Once you have done all that, you can try installing stock recovery and rom.
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    Thread 10 mins limit on videos?

    Is there a way that we can remove the limit of the video recordings in the camera?
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    Post SO SD Card Issues

    Using netac 128gb card since day 1 and no problems so far. Had it before the phone and its half full but not one issue has come up yet.
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    Post battery life

    New screens