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    Post What is the cheapest place to buy an O2 XDA?

    It would probably be cheaper to buy one on contact and throw the sim card. 12 months @ £15 per month = £180 + the cost of a phone. If anyone does throw the SIM card, can I have it? Regards Tim
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    Post Anyone have full licensed Pocket PC Software to give away?..

    If you can afford an XDA and the phone contracts that go with it, you can afford the software - most programs are only 10-15 USD. A few like AoE are more, and I can tell you worth the extra money. Regards Tim
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    Post where can i buy on the net -screen protector for my xda??

    The Brando screen protector is worth every penny. I bought some off ebay - they do the job, but after putting one on, i ordered the Brando protector. It is ten times better, you don't even know it's on the screen. One of the best items off ebay is the battery power supply. Regards Tim
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    Post Ireland O2 Upgrade

    UK versions listed are: Radio stack 4.08 & Radio unit 3.14.13, Eire are 4.14 & 3.14.13, and someone else said Netherlands have more upto versions that that. Regards Tim
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    Opps - I would probably help if I actually read your post. Well the principle is the same getting the file to your pc. Therefore you won't need software for the pocketpc - your pc probably arleady has some software. Tim
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    You can save it as a bitmap of jpeg file which can be read by the image viewer if you transfer it using the activesync. These are resized to the screen size, so if you want to view it full size or as a different file type you will need to get a some imaging software. Check out...
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    Post Yahoo messenger

    I have used YM (on the XDA in the UK on O2), you need to set it up using the proxy server. It does work but the software itself seems to close itself, apart from sometimes getting offline messages, i didn't see any increased benefit over MSN messenger Regards Tim
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    Post Always enable SMS delivery report?

    you can put *0# as the first part of the subject. It's not permanent, but only takes a few seconds to type. Regards Tim
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    Post which folder do i need to paste the skins for the xda

    I don't know about skins, but today themes go in "my documents", i would imagine it's the same. Regards Tim
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    Post What is the cheapest place to buy an O2 XDA?

    yes 99GBP - I bought mine yesterday from O2 shop in Bluewater, (01322 623860) but I guess any of the larger O2 shops will do them - I didn't check the O2 shop in Lakeside which is smaller. It had no headphones, leather case or software. The headphones you can get for £20 GBP Those horrible...
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    Post What is the cheapest place to buy an O2 XDA?

    try O2 shop in Holland if they have them in the UK they are selling reconditioned 32mb XDA's for 99 GBP with contract (can be data only), missing a few bits - headphones and software, but you can get these separate anyway. I just cancelled my O2 data contract and bought another XDA with...
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    Post HUGE MsgQue files in Windows Directory

    see the following link http://www.ppcw.net/forum.php?forum=30&thread=272 posted by Arne Hess on ppcw.net for a full explanation Regards Tim
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    Post Yahoo Messenger

    YM (in the UK) Of course 02 tech support didn't suggest anything, but I had some limited success using proxy server settings: GRPS with port 8080 (for UK users) It works, but YM iteslf had a few problems. Regards Tim
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    Thread Yahoo Messenger

    Is there anyone out there that is logged into YM? I want to check if I can get it working (in the UK). My id is <two_tc1> Thanks Tim
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    Post casio watch camera ir link to XDA

    I did look back on the other chat board for you, but as the other guy was logged in as a guest his email was not available. Tim