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  • Hi Steve
    The easy way is to unzip the files on your pc, copy them to a folder in the phone's internal storage using activesync.
    Then open that folder on the phone with a file explorer such as Total Commander, select all the files and copy them to /windows.
    Restart TF3D and the changes will show.
    I will post some complete themes soon, short on time and busy setting up my new pc
    Just wondering if you would be able to give me any guidence on how to set up your clear clock using the manila files in the zip. Is it something anyone could or is it advanced??


    i found your wallpaper whitch you do from original TF3D. Have you original TF3D wallpaper ? Or where I find it in my device ?

    Thx of lot to your hepl !

    P.S.: sorry to my English :)
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