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    Post On a CONVERTED T-Mobile OP7 and currently on Android 10 with Magisk but no TWRP

    Thanks for the help man! I just flashed TWRP -70 and I got everything up and running. Gonna do the second "boot" when I got some time. And to recap.. you just have two boots setup as a precaution right? I'm not doing too much with my rom except for viper and that's it!
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    Post On a CONVERTED T-Mobile OP7 and currently on Android 10 with Magisk but no TWRP

    Oh I saw that and wasn't sure on it! Thanks man. And is there a tutorial to flash on both slots? And how do I check to know what firmware is on each slot?
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    Thread On a CONVERTED T-Mobile OP7 and currently on Android 10 with Magisk but no TWRP

    Was thinking about downgrading to 9.5.13 and re-flashing TWRP and upgrading through the common "flash to inactive slot" from magisk method. On the fence cause i figure TWRP for Android 10 will come out. To recap. I have a Converted Tmobile OP7 running android 10. I am rooted with magisk but...
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    Post Need to unlock your SIM T-Mobile users? Here's how!

    THIS DUDE IS A LEGEND!!!!!!!! Be patient guys well worth the wait!
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    Post [ROM][UNIFIED][EOL] SkyDragon OS [9.x][08.06]

    Thankful for your help! Just installed it, works like a charm! Devs please disregard my message. Would be more work than you've guys already got to add what I'm requesting NETGUARD works great! Thanks man! Appreciate it.
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    Post [ROM][UNIFIED][EOL] SkyDragon OS [9.x][08.06]

    Hi was wondering if you could add in the ability to control an apps usage of WiFi and mobile data. I had flashed another rom to see if Android pie just doesn't have that but other times do. There's a toggle in the app settings to disable an apps access to WiFi and mobile data. I use it to...
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    Post [STABLE] Project-Xtended XR vX.0 [R |Android 11] [September 11, 2021]

    Hey the ROM is damn near perfect for me one thing is I use Viper4Android and I always have to restart the app. Is there a deep sleep or something of that nature in effect for all apps? The ROM is silky smooth and fast because of this I'm sure. Just wondering if I can disable it for Viper4Android
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    Post [ROM][8.1.0_r42][OFFICIAL]AospExtended-V5.8[UNIFIED][oneplus3/3T]

    I should be having hardware button customization right? All I get is an option to disable it?
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    Post [ROM][OP3/OP3T][8.1.0_r52] Candy8.1 Stable [OFFICIAL][SUBS][EOL]

    Hey NoSpamDan thanks for the awesome rom! Can you add swap back and recents to the rom? Much appreciated!
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    Post [STABLE] Project-Xtended XR vX.0 [R |Android 11] [September 11, 2021]

    Hi Best rom I've tried so far and I've basically tried them all. 3 THINGS!!!!! When you press on something to start typing the keyboard pops up like usual but the actual text box doesn't scoot up so you can't see what you're typing, can you add a toggle to remove alarm clock from lockscreen...
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    Post [APP] Exfm V8 - FREE Music Downloader (Hot NEWS) - (SPOTIFY MUSIC QUALITY 320KBPS)

    Hey Can I get the Ad-Free version also! Love your work man!
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    Post Android N OTA official link (OOS 3.5.4 to 4.0 / full 4.0 zip)

    HEY PLEASE HELP! LOVE THIS PHONE SO MUCH! I'm on the OnePlus 3T 128GB (US) I flashed the 5.8.0 ResurrectionRemix ROM which is nougat! Can I Just download the FULL OFFICIAL 1.4GB Nougat zip and flash through TWRP? Would it just be the normal, Wipe (Factory Reset), and then flash the OFFICIAL...
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    Post [EOL][OP3T][ROM+KERNEL] Unofficial CyanogenMod 13.0 with custom kernel [Apr 30, 2017]

    Still having reboot issues at random times. I.e. YouTube sometimes causes reboots, gaming also. HOPING FOR A FIX! Also anyway to get a permissive kernel or just make it so device boots selinux - permissive?
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    Post [EOL][OP3T][ROM+KERNEL] Unofficial CyanogenMod 13.0 with custom kernel [Apr 30, 2017]

    Hey can anyone make a kernel for this that will boot permissive? Init.d isn't working. Just need permissive for viper4android to work!
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    Post ♦ [HLTE/TMO/SPR][ROM][CM13][6.0.1_r30] Temasek's UNOFFICIAL Build v9.3 ♦

    Hey guys!!!! Fantastic ROM!! Currently one the CM12.1 newest update (.7) and it is phenomenal just one question!! I was playing around and somehow I managed to change the color of the visualizer on the lockscreen to a different color? It is back to stock but I want to change it back... any help?