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    Fair well buddy, was great working with you, you will be missed :)
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    Post Windows Phone Internals - Unlock bootloader, enable Root Access, create Custom ROM

    Heathcliff74 - congrats on your work mate, awesome :) (downloading now) :good:
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    Post [MOD][FEB 10] MultiROM v33

    welcome back ;)
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    Post HOWTO: Install Windows 10 for Phones on Non-supported devices (and other hacks)

    interesting.....good work chaps (subscribed)
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    Post [UPDATED, DUMPED!] I have an HTC 8X engineering unit! Check this out devs

    Mine is alive and well and happily running 8.1 - looking forward to preview win 10 out soon ;) *feel the rain* sent from my HTC One using zombie magic
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    Post HTC 8x system memory

    moved to QnA
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    Post Can I Install WP8 on a WP7 Phone?

    good time to close this one ;)
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    Post I want my Me Tile independent again...

    FB integration was removed for 8.1 - afaik it will not return - it sucks but that life ;)
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    Post [MAG/CLK][DEV]Sense 5 on HD2[WIP][SOUND]

    Hey guys, Nice to feel the love in the place, but let's keep it on topic for a change huh ;) :cool: *peace* Sent from my HTC One using XDA Premium 4 mobile app
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    Post [XAP] Microsoft Retail Mode Provisioning App

    Gents, I dont need to add anything to what MD has said above, however i have cleaned the thread of the last 4 posts. Thanks - and becareful what you post if your not sure what your talking about ;) :cool:
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    Post Me profile pic not updating

    thread closed issue resolved by MS
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    Thread Me profile pic not updating

    Guys, Incase some of you are having issues with facebook pics not updating, i created this thread on msdn after consulting with winphonesupport (thread here...