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    Post [Kernel][05.08.2021][4.9.278] Kirisakura_R 3.1.0 for Pixel 3/XL aka Bluecross

    I wish I knew what was causing these issues. I typically reboot my phone roughly daily when I start to see reloads of apps or slowdowns. It wasn't like this on pie for me. My hope is Google does something about this on the October build. The change to zram size increase to 2gb is concerning as...
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    Post [KERNEL] [September 8] Pixel 3 XL ElementalX 3.06 (Android 11)

    I did at one point but it was a problem with some versions of magisk. Not kernel related. It's not an issue on 19.4.
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    Post [Kernel][05.08.2021][4.9.278] Kirisakura_R 3.1.0 for Pixel 3/XL aka Bluecross

    Anyone have any idea why they changed zram size from 1gb to 2gb? Looking at the source it was done back in December. Could be related to some of the issues, causing more swapping instead or just killing apps. Though it has an internal bug id attached so it may be related to a legitimate issue.
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    Post [Kernel][05.08.2021][4.9.278] Kirisakura_R 3.1.0 for Pixel 3/XL aka Bluecross

    I have found the exact opposite. It was fine with later pie releases but awful on Q so far. It gets so low on ram and starts killing play music or pocket casts and can get super laggy that it's actually frustrating. Not good for a $900 phone. Never had this level of issues on the pixel XL. I...
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    Post Q Beta

    Anyone else have consistent issues with memory on the beta? For me I have to reboot every day or two or the music apps will start getting killed. This is concerning since beta6 will be pretty close to the final. I noticed they allocated 2g zram. Maybe that's part of the issue. It was less before.
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    Post July update is out

    Seems too early to confirm the ota helps with performance as performance for me is always better after a reboot for a while. If it stays smooth like it is for me nearly two days after updating then I would have more confidence the performance improvements are helping.
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    Post June Update is out

    Anyone run into an issue where notification sounds play even with ring/notification set to vibrate? Just started this week and aside from the ota and disabling/removing a couple apps, I changed nothing.
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    Post January Update is out.

    I thought Google was supposed to have fixed the issue with check for updates but they either changed something or broke it again. The check for updates was supposed to skip the staged rollout but I still haven't received the notification for OTA.
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    Post [KERNEL] [September 8] Pixel 3 XL ElementalX 3.06 (Android 11)

    Random reboot on 1.0 running on blueline. stock settings. Pstore wasn't blank but last_kmsg wasn't produced. Can you take a look flar2? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1oHjMkUGhxD-YkZfOzJXBcwUD4Cv6D0aX/view?usp=drivesdk I think it's a oom related reboot though.
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    Post Anyone else having this problem?

    Had this very issue with my pixel XL and blowing on the top speaker grille of dust with compressed air solved it. But if this is out of the box that sucks. It should not be like that. My pixel was approaching two years when that happened.
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    Post Coming from the 2xl

    I switched from the 1XL and so far don't mind the smaller screen. I know you were talking about the 2xl specifically.
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    Post estimated delivery date

    Just got mine today!
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    Post estimated delivery date

    My preorder was due today and made it to the nearest FedEx distribution center yesterday evening but didn't ship out today. Anyone run into that sort of thing before? I mean it should make it tomorrow and is still earlier than the original quoted date so I shouldn't really complain. Just wondering.
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    Post Who Has Pre-Ordered?

    Not everyone. Ordered 10/10 but nothing yet. It can't be cancelled though so it was sent to the warehouse. Probably means they'll ship soon.
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    Post estimated delivery date

    It's funny how this works. Some people get theirs sooner than others who order earlier. I ordered on the 10th but I saw some might already have their tracking numbers who ordered that day.