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    Post Desperate need. Crashed my bike. Phone started flickering now its black.

    I have the same problem... screen is black but I can hear it connect to windows plus the flashlight works, how would I use the mouse to change connection to file transfer? thx :)
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    Thread Which is the most stable debloated rom that passes safetynet?

    I've just replaced the screen on my 9t and I thought that I may as well start from a fresh install/firmware (whilst I'm still using my backup phone). However the choice of Roms is overwhelming! Every Rom thread seems to tell you what's working but not what isn't! ("You tell me" seems to be...
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][10] LineageOS 17.1 [T713][T719][T813][T819]

    In the end I went with what you're on (LOS 16.1). I think this one still has a few bugs...
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][10] LineageOS 17.1 [T713][T719][T813][T819]

    I'm looking to update my daughter's T713... However I need something stable since it's not my device. How does this rom compare to LOS 16.0? I'm not too concerned about tweaks or performance... Just looking for the latest firmware (LOS 16.0 was last updated in 2019 whereas this one is fairly...
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    Post Looking for a new ROM that is simple & stable - Confused by all the options...!

    Thanks I'll give it a try... :-) I might look at ArrowOS as well...
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    Thread Looking for a new ROM that is simple & stable - Confused by all the options...!

    I root/mod (or flash an alternate firmware) on all my old phones and pads, but I don't normally do this to my phone (daily driver), and have always chosen phones with fairly basic android as standard (Like Motorola). The Xiaomi 9t that I have now is the first MIUI based phone that I've had...
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    Post [ROM][11][UNOFFICIAL/BETA] PixelExperience for Mi Pad 4

    I'm going to update my daughter's pad tomorrow... Should I use "PixelExperience_clover-10.0-20201123-0711-UNOFFICIAL.zip" instead of the October or November versions? I thought only only the most recent build (December) was bad. I don't mind any build really - just the most stable (She's on PE...
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    Post [UNLOCK][ROOT][TWRP][UNBRICK] Fire TV Stick 4K (mantis)

    Thanks for the idea... I have to dust off the old multimeter! I'll have a crack tomorrow and get back to you.. :)
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    Thread Whats's the best ROM for stability?

    Just retired my daughter's K1 (after almost 3 yrs!) for a new Xiaomi Mi Pad 4. She's happy! So the K1 has found it's way into the family "pool". I just want to wipe it and put something relatively stock on it for basic browsing, media playback (Kodi) and the odd game (like minecraft for...
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    Post [UNLOCK][ROOT][TWRP][UNBRICK] Fire TV Stick 4K (mantis)

    Yes the display is detected, it goes from whatever the initial boot screen is (with the amazon logo or name) to 1080p on my PC monitor (HDMI) to a lower one (I forget 640 by something I think) on the TV's. But the display is just black, however an ADB screengrab takes a screenshot as if the...
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    Post [UNLOCK][ROOT][TWRP][UNBRICK] Fire TV Stick 4K (mantis)

    Thanks for the reply k4y0z... Yes I have tried multiple TV's and monitors (ones that that the stick was working on). The stick lost display after a powercut. At first I thought it was just corrupted and wiped it and reflashed, No matter what I do I can't get it to display anything other than...
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    Post [UNLOCK][ROOT][TWRP][UNBRICK] Fire TV Stick 4K (mantis)

    Unfortunately I'm stuck with exactly the same issue as you... I've not been able to resolve it. I have wiped all partitions, and flashed both rooted, and stock firmwares, it just goes to a black background. I've even wiped and flashed from the hacked bootloader. I can (like yourself) get into...
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    Post [Magisk][Module] FireTV 4K Stick Add-Ons

    oops! sorry mate my bad! note to self... read post twice!
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    Post [Magisk][Module] FireTV 4K Stick Add-Ons

    I use Kodi as a launcher as well, and have the other(s) disabled, Just long press the home button and select settings...
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    Post Enable adb and usb debug in TWRP 4K

    I did this and it worked.. 1) In Windows grab this file: C:\Users\XXXUSERNAMEXXX\.android\adbkey.pub and change filename to adb_keys Put this on a USB stick that will be accesible form TWRP (You'll need a hub for both mouse and USB stick) 2) In terminal in TWRP type: echo -n 'mtp,adb' >...