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    Post Backup twrp

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    Thread Backup twrp

    Does anyone know when I get a buckup with twrp which boxes should I tick? I tried with what it gives by default, but unfortunately when I got the backup I got an error.
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    Post [RECOVERY][OFFICIAL]PitchBlack Recovery Project POCO M3 / Redmi 9T / Redmi 9 Power / Redmi Note 9 4G [JUICE]

    Ευχαριστώ για αυτήν την αποκατάσταση. Έλυσε το πρόβλημά μου να μην αγγίζω την οθόνη στο επίσημο TWRP. Είχα στείλει μια ερώτηση σχετικά με αυτό, αλλά δεν είχα λάβει απάντηση από κανέναν. Αποφάσισα λοιπόν να αναβοσβήσω το γήπεδο και μετά όλα εντάξει. Ευχαριστώ για την καλή δουλειά. ----------...
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    Post [RECOVERY][UNOFFICIAL] TWRP 3.5.0-0 for POCO M3 [citrus]

    My touch screen does not work when TWRP is turned on
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    Thread TWRP does not work the touch screen.

    After having worked hard to install TWRP, I saw that the touch screen is not working. Necessarily used OTG and mouse. Why? Does anyone know how to help?
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    Thread Xposed for poco m3

    We know if any xposed works for poco m3 I've tried the riru but for me it does not work. Does anyone know anything?
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    Thread unlock bootloader

    This is the first time I have bought a Chinese device! So far I have been dealing with them. Many models have passed through my hands, and I do not need to list them all. the Poco m3 I found that it takes 7 days to unlock it I imagine the company will have a reason to do something like this...
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    Thread Dark mode for Google Translate

    Finally Dark theme for Google Translate. Of course, in my opinion, it still needs a bit of work. But as long as we got away from the bright subject (blah)
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    Post Gcam for HTC 10 Development (Optimization)

    No install apk I downloaded the apk I tried to install it, but it comes out a "package parsing error" What's the point?
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    Thread Android Q?

    Is there a chance to see Android Q on HTC 10? If this happens it will be happiness!???
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    Post Problem external sd

    Well ... I put SD on Windows to shape it! Nothing! I put SD on Linux for configuration! Nothing! Both were unable to do so. I installed SD formatter and Mimi tool partition! They did nothing! They were not shaping, not deleting, nothing was done. So I threw it in the garbage and bought a new...
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    Post Problem external sd

    Sorry to say something stupid. But I found the following in the magisk and believing that something is blamed with the permission. Can you say help?
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    Post Problem external sd

    Yes the TWRP sees the SD card. As well as es file explorer. It's not the same as HTC's file explorer. He DOES NOT SEE IT. I also installed an app fix card while viewing it as follows / mnt / media_rw / 89BD-1702. Also Vfat32. However, it can not control it. Reverse the inner well. I will try to...
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    Post Problem external sd

    I'll be crazy! With a heavy heart I decided to shape the SD and let me sacrifice the data. However, while I was informed by the system that I will lose the data, the configuration was made and nothing changed. Envelopes were all in their place, and the same problems as creation-copy-move-rename...
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    Post Problem external sd

    Rom this Yes it is the truth that I do not care to make it like internal. I do not care. The data is interesting to me. What I can not understand is what it did not look like! So, suddenly, you stopped showing on your PC and I can not create a new folder, renaming it...