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    Post Can portrait mode be ported to the pixel xl?

    From what i can tell: Back Camera: obviously uses the dual sensor (NOT dual camera but two sensors). The phone then does some processing with information from second sensor to give you that "portrait mode" effect. Some say it's better than with dual cameras...idk about that Front Camera: now...
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    Post Lg g6 hidden menu!

    I still don't quite understand the inner workings of how LG makes the app scaling work. If you switched DPI to <500 via adb it basically stops working, BUT so far I've not seen one app with weird graphics, even netflix: all i have to do is press the maximize button a second time when the video...
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    Post Can We Enable System UI Tuner

    I really can't understand why companies like LG find it necessary to remove these things...I mean, it's not like it's a feature that can confuse some people (which is the only good reason I've heard for this type of thing) cuz this is pretty hidden to begin with.
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    Post [ROM][Dec10][7.1.1]MegaPixel6P - Doing what Google should have...(discontinued)

    Wait..google has two feeds? I've NEVER seen two feeds in my google, and I just moved from stock w/root.
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    Post Any hope for the WiFi?

    Hmm, it may be. I've heard of a few people RMAing their device for this, but it was okay with 6.0 (it came with 6.0), i think; So i'm holding up hope.
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    Thread Any hope for the WiFi?

    I recently purchased this device. And Wifi has been, not just abysmal but downright non existent. It was okay in 6.0 but when i upgraded it became worse now with 7.1 Beta it is unusable. I don't even care about having 7.1 Beta or Wifi speed anymore, what version or ROM will give me workable wifi...
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    Post Went to see the new Nexus 6P yesterday didn't get it...

    THIS exactly this for me. It's good I guess, stops me goon spending money. Though I getting a little worried that nexus line may move completely away from anything over 5.5-5.7" ...time will tell I guess. Also I had no idea about the 810 being crappy I, like the OP was almost ready top pull...
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    Post Root done right

    That answers it perfectly, thank you. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    Post Root done right

    Not installing this, asking if THAT root does odd things like reload selinux? Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    Post Root done right

    Thanks for the answer so: 1. the complex part of things does mostly come in when you need to do things on non-Nexus devices (which is what I thought as well)? 2. A rom like CM nightly which has root "built in", wouldn't need to do any weird haxor type things then? (like reload or circumvent...
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    Post Root done right

    Thanks for answer, actually I root for only one reason: lcd_density change. And yea what you say makes sense. More to the point, I was looking for a more specific answer, why do we need to "reload selinux"? Wouldn't rooting just be as simple as installing a Rom that has the "missing stuff...
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    Post Root done right

    Stupid question warning <warning> This is a dumb question and I know it. I AM NOT asking this to be a troll, or to incite a war (which i 95% guarantee will happen). I am genuinely asking a question that has bothered me for YEARS and have not been able to answer it myself with any amount of...
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    Post [ROM]&#12304;7.1.1&#12305; N6F26U -&#12304;Stock&#12305;&#12304;Lite&#12305;- 03/14/2017

    Well, I couldn't find m bootloader and radio anywhere, do had to do the other way. I'll upload it somewhere in a bit though Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk
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    Post [ROM]&#12304;7.1.1&#12305; N6F26U -&#12304;Stock&#12305;&#12304;Lite&#12305;- 03/14/2017

    Yep, I wasnt sure though.. Sent from my Nexus 6 using Tapatalk