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    Post [ROM][9.0.0][OFFICIAL] BootleggersROM 4.3 Stable Shishufied[FAJITA]

    I have a problem. I'm running Bootleggers 4.3 with vendor 9.0.16. The problem is bluetooth. If I pair up any bluetooth headset, I can use the headset without issues when making a call, but when I try to play music through it, I don't hear any sound, even with the volume at maximum. Checked...
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    Post Answering calls via bluetooth issue.

    Same issue I have the same issue. When I have the phone connected to my car stereo bluetooth, I can make outgoing calls via bluetooth just fine, but when I answer the call, it goes to my earpiece. I have to manually switch it back to bluetooth. I haven't found a solution yet and the issue...
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    Post Using my SM-N900T on Sprint Network!

    Oh, they did? Tells you how much I keep up with them after I left. :o
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    Post Using my SM-N900T on Sprint Network!

    On top of that, Sprint has a policy that, unless the phone is a Sprint branded phone (one that was never registered before but is designed for the Sprint Network or has only been activated on Sprint), they won't activate the phone to be used on their network (this includes any phone that was...
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    Post G4 Verizon on T-Mobile LTE Possible?

    Unless something has changed lately, you can't. Verizon uses CDMA for its voice network and T-Mobile uses GSM. With that being said, the only way I've seen any Verizon phone being used on a GSM network is if the phone supports a SIM card (and I'm not sure the SIM card for the LTE counts) and...
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    Post Is it too late to own a Note Edge in view of Note 5 and other new phones?

    Answer call swipe is still there on the Edge screen. I am on Lolipop 5.01 (heard there were issues with 5.11 so I haven't moved up to that version yet). ---------- Post added at 07:21 AM ---------- Previous post was at 07:15 AM ---------- When I got my Note Edge, I really thought I was...
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    Post Nexus 6 Drop Thread

    Same here. Just got the Nexus 6 Friday. I didn't purchase a case for it. Then I saw that Nexus 6 shattered. Next thing I know, I was on Amazon buying a heavy duty case for the Nexus.
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    Post [ROM][4.4.2][UNOFFICIAL]CyanogenMod Beta Nightly Builds

    Confirmed. I'm having the same problem. I even formatted system/data/cache/dalvik and reinstalled. No luck.
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    Post [Q] Can you use this Phone as a player only?

    They do for LTE. ---------- Post added at 10:01 PM ---------- Previous post was at 09:59 PM ---------- I had two GNex and one I was using as a media player hooked to Wifi (until it was stolen out of my truck). The SIM card is only for Verizon LTE connectivity, which you aren't going to use.
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    Post [Q] Won't Turn On. Tried Everything

    Question: Did you use the same USB cable from the wall charger to the computer? Could be a couple of things...if the answer is YES, I would change USB cables and see if that fixes it. If the answer is NO, you could try to clean out the microUSB port. It's possible that some dust got into it...
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    Post [Q] Is there a solution to Lost Data Connection after 4.3 Update?

    I have a Sprint Galaxy Nexus that I had 4.3 Paranoid Agent on it. It appears that the RIL (which I think controls data switching between 4G and 3G) needs to either be released by Sprint (as it is proprietary) or completely rewritten. There are developers actively working on rewriting the RIL...
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    Thread [Q] Perplexing Problem with CM 10.1.2

    I have a perplexing problem with two phones that I have. The issues is, when the phones go to sleep (either by timing out while on battery or when I hit the power button on the phone to turn off the screen), the CDMA radio will shut off after a while and won't turn back on until I perform one...
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    Post [Q] I Did the impossible! - Galaxy Nexus fully bricked

    Forget the toolkit. Try this: 1. Download a custom rom (you can try the many custom roms found here on XDA) 2. Boot into recovery 3. Use ADB and type the following command: adb push <path of rom on hard drive> /sdcard/ 4. In your recovery, attempt to install. You'll either see your...
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    Post [ROM-AOSPA] [JB 4.3] ParanoidAndroid 3.99 [Toroplus] 31-AUG-2013

    I cleaned flash and was not able to get data working initially. I ended up replacing my telephony.db and telephony-journal.db in /data/data/ with one from CM10.1. Once I rebooted, I got 4G working...until I lose the 4G signal and the phone switches back to 3G...
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    Post [Q] JB to ICS via Nandroid?

    I have TeamWin Recovery. I simply back up (nandroid) the ICS and then install JB. To go back, I simply restore the backup.