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    Post [Project-Fi] Fi dialer codes to force carrier switching

    Firsts Awesome find!
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    Post [TOOLS] Boot image tools for Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0

    I managed to find what i believe is them here on github.
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    Post TWRP touch recovery device list

    /me raises hand
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    Post [RECOVERY] TWRP touch recovery [2013-02-01]

    yes looks like different revs with different product names. mine is a rev 5 and is a goldenub ;x anyhow we will get this updated asap. if there are any other variants please pose the product names. so far ive seen.
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    Post [RECOVERY][BETA] [TESTERS NEEDED]TWRP touch recovery [2013-1-11] please install the official build as a few fixes that were found after testing here have been fixed (or hope to be ;p ) Thanks
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    Post [RECOVERY][BETA] [TESTERS NEEDED]TWRP touch recovery [2013-1-11]

    i used heimdall to flash with the following command heimdall flash --Kernel2 path/to/awesome/recovery.img
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    Post [RECOVERY][BETA] [TESTERS NEEDED]TWRP touch recovery [2013-1-11]

    external is mounting here. i cant "mount usb storage" device tho. ill look into that. idk about external not mounting at all tho. working fine here
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    Post [RECOVERY][BETA] [TESTERS NEEDED]TWRP touch recovery [2013-1-11]

    I fixed up OliverG96's device config for TWRP. Should work for building CWM as well. Changes can be found HERE. I tested on my rev.5 mini and all seems fine. Would like to see other revs tested before calling it a success. It boots, reboots, installs, backs up, restores, and all the things as...
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    Post [4-6-13][ROM] CM10.1 for the evoLTE (jewel)

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    Post [12-4-12][ROM] CM10 for the evoLTE! - butta!

    awesome stuffs
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    Post [6-28-12] ROM-WIP-UNOFFICIAL CM9 for the evoLTE!

    evdo not working? no 3g or 1x? does it report signal in the settings > About Phone > Status? it should work there is no reason it shouldnt. if not please post a logcat running the below commands. adb logcat -b radio>path/to/new/awesomelogcat.txt
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    Post [RECOVERY][ONE-X/EVITA] TWRP Touch Recovery! [2013-4-9]

    do stuffs here one day
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    Post [RECOVERY] TWRP touch recovery [2013-09-16]

    doin stuffs here one day
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    Post [DEPRECIATED][RECOVERY][CWM]ClockworkMod Recovery for EVO 4G LTE

    Updated version should resolve off-mode charging issues. please test and report back. i do not have a phone so i need you guys to test. also need USB tested. with phone off you should be able to see the device with adb and access a shell...