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Recent content by tomas_v

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    Thread XZ3 slow/problematic after Android 10 update

    Is it just me or anyone else finds that their XZ3 is very unstable after Android 10 update? It was already kind of slow although it was suppose to be quite good phone, but after Android 10 it is just annoyingly slow. Can't have few apps running. For example, If I have firefox with youtube video...
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    Thread Low on storage

    To begin with, I tried searching forum for similar threads, found one that was asked on 2009. So I hope its not against the rules if I ask here. My Z3C is in constant low storage mode. If I manage to free ups few MB it is back again. I dont have that many app installed. I would say I have less...
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    Post What is Xperia X Perf camera lense made of?

    Well it's not that uncommon. There is a YouTube video were they test phone lenses to scratch resistance. Samsung, iPhone, LG i think, have it in glass. Sony have it made from plastic scratches very easily. And it's more like air or moisture trapped between the layers in the lense protection that...
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    Thread What is Xperia X Perf camera lense made of?

    I am interested in changing from my z3c to Xperia X Performance or just X. But I have some concerns about camera lenses. The last two xperia phones (Arc S and current Z3C) I had did have terrible lenses. Not glass, or gorilla glass or some equivalent so it would get scratched and damaged very...
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    Post After 6.0.1 update apps reload when switching between them.

    I am not saying it's broken. It works fine. I am just looking for a way to sort out app reloading. It might be some sort of app management, app disabling / killing when their are not used. Maybe it's similar to Samsung spmc?
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    Thread After 6.0.1 update apps reload when switching between them.

    So I updated my z3 compact to 6.0.1. Everything works fine except for one thing - switching between apps. Before I could switch between app and continue from where I was. Now they are reloading. As if they are started anew. For example if I am reading a long article in chrome and switch to...
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    Post [Q] Headphone jack not detecting headphones

    Had the same problem, took it back for repairs. They told me they changed some rings or something in a audio jack.
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    Post Dissapointed in Sony camera, what should I switch to?

    I did use Nillkin glass protector, it did shatter (started at the corner) but it was good. But thats not the problem, lens is already bad. Protector wont help now. And its not the scratches, lens is not scratched, it looks like it from humidity or something, that weird stuff its between the...
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    Post Dissapointed in Sony camera, what should I switch to?

    I thought so :/ I am afraid that if I will get Z5C it will be same story like the last two Sony's I had. This is sad. Will get them to change the back cover and then I suppose I will have to do like I did with this z3c. Buy a screen protector, place it on the back of the phone, and peal it...
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    Thread Dissapointed in Sony camera, what should I switch to?

    Hi, not sure if its the right place to ask, but why not :) I have bought my Z3C back in February, new, from the shop. I upgraded from Sony Acro S. The only reason I did that is that lens cover got all smudged and scratched, so photo were blurry. I got z3 compact, I did, and still think it very...
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    Thread [Q] Headphone button doesnt work on Z3C

    So I am having some problems with headphones and my Z3 Compact. Some time ago my headphones (NOCS NS500 android version) stopped working. Phone wasn't detecting when they are plugged in. I thought that headphones them self got somehow damaged. But they work fine with my pc and tablet. Headphones...
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    Post Issues (and fixes) you have found in Xperia Z3 Compact

    Holy cow. You are right. I feel so stupid now. :) So much complaining and... Thanks degraaff. I suppose camera lens doesnt have protector on it.
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    Post Issues (and fixes) you have found in Xperia Z3 Compact

    I have to oppose to that. I had (still have it) Acro S. The screen is terrible. I didnt use screen protector, cause i thought it will be something like Gorilla glass. It go tiny scratches in few months, and I have kept phone in a clean pocket. So it got scratches from basically normal use. And I...
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    Post Xperia™ Z3 Compact - Post Your Home Screen Here

    Do I need to root mu phone? Do I need to root my phone in order to get blurred notification panel? As I understand now, I need xposed intaller and gausian blur module and that requires rooted phone. Am I right?
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    Post [Q] Screen problems. Hardware or software?

    Well I thought it will be digitizer too. Already ordered one. And yes, my missus dropped it in to a toilet after just 2 months since she bought it new. Just didn't had time to get to it till now. And warranty doesn't apply for this :) She should have bough same like me - Defy ;)