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  • hi tomas, all i need is a link to a download or pehaps use the relevant thread on xda but this would mean registration for those that do not already belong.

    main site is www.fourwheeldriveclub.com - with an active forum with stuff for members such as discounts, although you wont be able to see some of the sections unless a member with over 25 posts.

    i can also put something on www.pajeroworld.net for you as well.

    No problem my friend, sorry I have not been able to help more as work really has me loaded right now. I anticipate trying it out.


    PS. If I can help in any way just let me know and I will try.

    Sorry for the delay in responding - didn't get a notification like I do with PMs. I'm struggling for time at the moment - the Gyro is the easy bit, it will be making the graphics work that will take the time, I think.

    I'll keep my eye on the thread, and help out when I can.


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