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    Post [EOL][RECOVERY][Android 8 / 9][Stock/SODP][XZ2/C/P/3] TWRP 3.3.1-0 [UNofficial]

    I swiped the dust out of my xz2 and decided to start tinker with it again. I installed the latest firmware but when i flash vbmeta i get in to bootloop :/ I can start the recovery but after that nothing. I then have to restore the phone using emma and everything is fine with the phone. I just...
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    Post Always on display clock freezing on android 11.

    They rolled a big update but the bug with the Always on display still occurs they did fix the app switcher bug though 😂
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    Post Bug in Android 11 AOD and flashlight.

    But now it only shows the screen when you pick up the phone. I want it to be on all the time. I am used to just look at the phone when it is charging or near the bed so I can see the time without doing anything. Now I have to open and close the smart view case in order to show the lockscreen and...
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    Post Bug in Android 11 AOD and flashlight.

    AOD freezes for me and I have to open and close my window case for the time to update
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    Post Bootloop - Your Device is Corrupt

    Connect the phone to the computer while holding down the volume up or down to enter adb or fastboot and this will let you charge your xperia
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    Thread Always on display clock freezing on android 11.

    Does anyone else have the problem where the clock on the always on display is not showing the correct time (it stays frozen until you turn on and off the display)? It happened after updating to Android 11.
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    Post Problem with power button after android 11 upade.

    Thanks for the replies i removed lockdown button but on other devices there are 4 buttons while we can fit only 3 😔
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    Thread Problem with power button after android 11 upade.

    Does anyone else have a buggy power menu after the update to android 11? Mine is all black and does not show all of the buttons. The screenshot one is hidden in the dropdown menu with the dots.
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    Post Wireless Charging

    I found one at the Sony Center (look at my previous post) but it's an older model. They are planning on bringing back the xz2 / xz3 charger but due to the pandemic the production is slow. There are some New old Stock on ebay and amazon uk :)
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    Post Ambient display bug

    When you cover the light sensor it thinks that the phone is in your pocket and that's the reason it turns the always on display off.
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    Post Wireless Charging

    Use the one on the picture. It's old but does the job well. It even works with the official Sony window case.
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    Post Anyone able to install the old album app from xperia 1?

    it does not support burst shots and shows all the pictures individually because the application is old.
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    Post Official Sony Xperia 1 II cases where to find?

    I got the one with the window but its a dust magnet. Anyone got a solution>
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    Post xperia 1 ii unlock

    When I bought mine they had only black in stock ?