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    Post [08.08.22] N986B I N985F/DS I Dr.Ketan ROM I OneUI 4.1 I OneUI 3.1

    Is this still actively supported? Can i use it with sm-n986u1
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    Post OTA and Non-OTA Firmware for N986U and N986U1

    So as far as im aware only bootloader v1 was unlockable, and then it was only unlockable by elliwigy from sampwnd (also a mod on xda) for a fee (claimed it cost him money to get the files for unlocking and he wasn't profiting, suspicious to me). I paid him to unlock my bootloader in jan 2021...
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    Post Firmware for Carplay AI Boxes (Qualcomm/Rockchip/Allwinner) Android 7/9

    Do any of the snapdragon based devices support fastboot? fastboot flashing unlock specifically? I want a powerful box running a recent Android build, but i want to root it so i can hide tethering from my cell service provider, and just get an unlimited plan so i can have unlimited hotspot in my...
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    Post [ROM] Sac23 Note 20 Ultra N986X Custom Rom 10_21_21 OneUIi 3.1 (Snapdragon)

    had a couple questions regarding sac23 compatibility with sm-n986u1 so firstly, is the "october release" the newest? If so can i just flash that or do i need to flash the v4 then august then october? Will there be any issues flashing n986u version on n986u1, like, does it overwrite csc or...
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    Post OTA and Non-OTA Firmware for N986U and N986U1

    hey guys, will flashing the BL_ part of the update relock my bootloader? wouldnt want to spend another $150 to get it unlocked again
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    Thread will flashing the BL_N986U1UEU2FVEB_N986U1UEU2FVEB_MQB52197976_REV00_user_low_ship_MULTI_CERT.tar.md5 relock my bootloader?

    im trying to update my note 20 ultra but will flashing the bl part of the update relock my bootloader?
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    Post OTA and Non-OTA Firmware for N986U and N986U1

    Thanks guys Thanks guys im downloading the newest tmobile u1 rom from sammobile now.
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    Post OTA and Non-OTA Firmware for N986U and N986U1

    The fw name translation in the op says snapdragon roms should be xxxxxxxSQxxxxxx while the ones listed on the u1 section are xxxxxxxUExxxxxx. Doesnt that mean the ones listed there are for exynos?
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    Post OTA and Non-OTA Firmware for N986U and N986U1

    I have a u1 that is a snapdragon variant that i got from Google store for use with Google fi. From what i have gathered it is a tmobile u1 variant. It looks like all the roms for u1 are exynos roms, and all the t mobile roms are non-u1 roms. Help? I just want to update but i lost my original fi...
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    Post OTA and Non-OTA Firmware for N986U and N986U1

    can anyone tell me what image to use for a SM-N986U1 that needs to be flashed back to a google fi image?
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    Thread SM-N986U1 google fi image

    can anyone help me find the google fi image for the note 20 ultra? i flashed something from sammobile to recover a soft brick when i unlocked it but i cannot find which image is for google fi carriers and i can no longer use the xfinity hotspots and what not that are free with the google fi...
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    Post [GUIDE][How-to]Create your Own Custom ROM an easy way

    Hey can op please fix the images? With no pictures its just another hard to follow guide.
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    Thread return to rooted sprint stock from aosp rom?

    i have a backup, but lets say i didnt? how would i go about that process?
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    Post [MODULE][Terminal] Debloater v17.3.2 - Debloat Systemlessly!

    the link doesnt seem to have v 16.2 and i can't find it in magisk manager. the newest one i found on the link is 13.something EDIT: weirdly it showed up when i updated to magisk 18.0