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    Thread Amazfit BIP : possible to change alarm suspension value??

    Is it possible to change the value of the alarm suspension using the MIFIT app on the BIP clock? Instead of 10 minutes put 3 or 5 minutes? Thank you
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    Post [2019-12-13 v7.0.7 & Android 7.1] MEmu - Most Powerful Android Emulator

    why it doens't work witn win10 64bit?? i installed it, but when i launch it nothing appens...
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    Thread how to disable fast charging

    a friend gave me a Samsung turbocharger dual voltage: 5V and 9V how can I do to disable this function on my moto x xt1092 and use it as a normal charger ?? as soon as I connect it to the phone immediately became fast charging, without the possibility to deactivate it and use that normal
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    Post ROM Computerfreek274_Unlocked.49_1.3.7 6/5/2016 Tether, Advanced Calling, Audio Mods

    this is a lollipop rom? are there motorola features like motovoice, active display, assist?
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    Post Moto maxx (Brazilian) 6.0.1 ota

    can i flash it on droid turbo xt1250?
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    Thread can i flash moto maxx image on droid turbo

    i'm looking for a new motorola droid turbo xt1254 to use it in my country Italy. after unlock the bootloader can i flash a motorola moto maxx image with RSDLite?
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    Post Lollipop Battery Discussion - 2014

    I am very disappointed by the battery I turned off the 4G, I disabled moto voice switch on at 8am , switch off at 10pm with 10% 1h and 44 min of screen 15 minutes of phone calls 40% 60% WiFi data
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    Post Moto camera with slowmo

    excuse me , i make a mistake
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    Thread with MM the battery drain is better than Lollipop?

    for people that upgare their devices to MM the battery drain is better?
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    Post Moto camera with slowmo

    does it work without root?
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    Thread wifi issue

    wifi issue it happens that while they are connected to the router via wireless broadband to the home, sometimes disconnects even if the wifi signal is strong and the device is close to the source wifi disconnects when you turn off the screen, even though I put wifi always on i also try to...
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    Post Droid Turbo conquers Europe!

    but do you speak about this tool ? is it old?
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    Post Droid Turbo conquers Europe!

    what is it? can you give me more info andl links please?
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    Thread unlock ISO setup for photocamera

    Hello, I own the beautiful Moto X XT1092, before I had his predecessor Xt1052 although the sensor has been improved the photos are not beautiful, I tried to install other apps, but the problem is in the management of ISO, in fact in low light instead of increasing the ISO increases the exposure...