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    Post Call recording

    Hi mains75 your post is old but I wonder if I am having a similar issue, and if you ever figured out a work around. I have a OnePlus 7 Pro that is rooted with call recording enabled. When using Android Auto the call recording doesn't work. My search for a solution brought me to your post...
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    Post Package Disabler Pro Xml file (Problemless)

    Link expired please re-share The link has expired. Are you willing to re-share?
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    Post Screen rotation

    Registry Reverting When I make the registry edit above (change to "1") it is committed to the registry (I have double-checked) however once I click on the rotate screen icon in the HTC Home Today plugin it resets the value back to "4" every time.
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    Post Screen tilts the wrong way using HTChome plugin.

    Did you ever figure it out? Driving me bonkers too Let me know if you figured out a solution. I'm stumped too. Programs that auto-rotate go the right way for a right-handed person. It's just the HTC Home plugin that defaults to a lanscape for left-handed people.