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    Post Who in their right mind would buy this phone?

    Sounds like OP is trolling, but I'll take a swing at an answer. Like many of you I also ordered a UK version for use in the US. Quite honestly, I wasn't even really looking to upgrade from my current phone (Nexus 6 original), but with the Pixel announcement I started looking at the new stuff...
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    Post Google Now Android Dialer *Concept Prototype*

    Well, it's not actually getting made, it's not a real product - it's just a concept idea. I'm pretty sure that there is only one company around that could make it - if you're curious who that is, just "something it."
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    Thread Google Now Android Dialer *Concept Prototype*

    This is something I have been playing around with in my down time - and is very much still a work in progress. You can check it out and tap through it here Works best by visiting on your android phone with chrome beta... I believe you can do the following: • Tap the text...
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    Post [ROM][4.2]Stock Built Sprint 4.2.1-AreYouJellin-Updated Dec. 4! 2012

    Bad news everyone!:cyclops: I have been running the ODEX version since it dropped, and have noticed that my phone's screen turns on every hour, on the hour - by itself. I will be working at my desk at say 9:58, and when 10:00 rolls around my phone screen turns on. If I dont touch it, it seems...
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    Post Sprint not getting nexus 4!! How mad are you?

    Whoa there! Hold up a minute. Google didnt say anything about Sprint not getting the Nexus 4. What they said is first they concentrate on producing phones for open standards and the carriers that use them (more or less). Since Sprint uses cdma instead of gsm, they just arent in the first batch...
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    Post Good theming tutorial anywhere?

    Awesome, even has Mac support, which is just what I needed. Thx
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    Thread Good theming tutorial anywhere?

    Anyone know where I might be able to find a descent tutorial on creating a theme thats not wildly outdated? Some of the ones Ive seen floating around are pretty bad. Time to learn to do it myself... Thanks in advance!
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    Post [CM10.1] [Jellybro] Toroplus Nightly Kangs

    Can anyone tell me what the big differences are between this and the stock JB rom on this forum? I would go through the change log, but unless your a dev those dont really tell you a whole lot...
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    Post [Rallying Cry] Demand that Sprint submit drivers to AOSP!

    More like "They can have my custom roms when they pull them from my cold dead fingers"
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    Post [Rallying Cry] Demand that Sprint submit drivers to AOSP!

    and i thought all the talk of defeatism was just about political views. sheesh. :(
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    Thread [Rallying Cry] Demand that Sprint submit drivers to AOSP!

    Even though Verizon has somehow managed to get their head out of....long enough to submit binaries and drivers to AOSP, Sprint has so far refused to do so for their version of the Galaxy Nexus. What this means is that it will be harder for our awesome devs here to build custom roms from source...
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    Post [AOSPA - 4.2.2] PARANOIDANDROID 3.68 (HALO) [Toroplus] 18-JUL-2013

    Yeah, it's in the launcher settings. Launcher-->desktop-->persistent search bar Just set it to never.:cyclops:
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    Post [AOSPA - 4.2.2] PARANOIDANDROID 3.68 (HALO) [Toroplus] 18-JUL-2013

    Maybe delete your email account, and recreate it?
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    Post [AOSPA - 4.2.2] PARANOIDANDROID 3.68 (HALO) [Toroplus] 18-JUL-2013

    That could be said about everything in this forum. I certainly didnt expect the adjustment to cause a bootloop, and I'm sure a lot of others who may not be as familiar with what that setting does will try putting in extreme values to test it out. I mean, the dev could aim for mediocrity, but...
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    Post [AOSPA - 4.2.2] PARANOIDANDROID 3.68 (HALO) [Toroplus] 18-JUL-2013

    BE CAREFUL WHEN ADJUSTING FRAMEWORK UI! I tried to set this to 140dpi this morning which caused a reboot loop on the boot animation. Luckily, I've been an idiot previously, and always have a nandroid backup on hand. Dev should create a confirmation pop-up to confirm dpi levels if a user wants...