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    Post Latest U1 update

    Same here, just received an update today. It's still the August security patch, though. Nothing specific in the release notes.
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    Post From a now-reluctant Samsung Note fan to OP7 converts

    For a while Chrome got updated and only displayed in 60hz on the 7 Pro. The issue has since been fixed though.
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    Post Any chance of being Verizon compatible?

    No band 13, but Verizon also uses bands 4 and 5 which this phone supports. I actually believe band 4 is their main band. I didn't have to do anything but put my SIM card in. Although in the past when I had a OnePlus 6T, I had Verizon provision my line to be LTE only. Don't know if that step...
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    Post anyone else stuck on May?

    Same. Finally getting July 1 security patch update on the 975U1
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    Post Any chance of being Verizon compatible?

    This phone works fine on Verizon, I currently have both the phone and Verizon service. VOLTE works and everything, just no wifi calling
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    Post video play issue with gaming touch buttons on top

    Do people experience another bug where if you're in chrome browser and touch the fingerprint sensor it brings up the "find in page" on the screen? Really annoying. I'm using the North American version, software 1.15
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    Post sm-n9600 cdma USA

    I'm interested too. Is it as simple as insert your already activated SIM card and you're good to go?
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    Post Screen on time

    Your cell reception plays a big part in battery life. I guarantee all the high SOT people have excellent reception. If your reception is low or borderline it can decimate battery life. Also have to take into account whether people are using one or two sim cards in their phone.
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    Post Honest opinion: V40 vs V35

    I've had both phones, and it's weird because my feeling is that the V35 is actually faster and more responsive in use than the V40.
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    Post brightness slider on auto?

    It's a T-Mobile issue. Dunno if it's intentional or a bug
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    Post Verizon compatability

    Has anyone ever tried using 2 SIMs, using Verizon as the default for calls and TMobile as the default for data? Even with the dual 4G toggle to on, I find that the Verizon SIM only operates on their 2G network (1x RTT)
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    Post White Mi Mix 2S Global 6/64GB

    I just received my 64gb global version from the Houston eBay seller. I can't get dual LTE working when I have both Verizon and T-Mobile SIM cards in the phone at the same time. If I just use the Verizon SIM only I can get LTE. But using Verizon for voice and T-Mobile for data, the Verizon SIM...
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    Post Just released Mi mix 2s LTE bands??

    It looks like all global versions of the Mi Mix 2S are compatible with T-Mobile LTE. But only the 256GB version of the Mi Mix 2S is compatible with Verizon. So if you're only worried about T-Mobile you should be fine.
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    Post [ROM][8.x][TREBLE][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS, ResurrectionRemix & more // personal builds

    Do you happen to have one GSM carrier and one CDMA carrier by any chance?