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Recent content by TraxXx44

  1. TraxXx44

    Post [ROM][11.0.0_r32] AospExtended ROM V8.0 [UNOFFICIAL]

    First days using AOSP Extended ROM on my side and I have to say it's pretty smooth. I had a GPS which was completely out of service with my previous MIUI firmware, problem that led me to look for another firmware. I thought it was a software issue and not hardware and I was right. Now the GPS is...
  2. TraxXx44

    Post Mi 5 stuck on black Mi screen

    Well, looks like my thread wasn't so popular :) Finally found a workaround after nearly 8 hours searching for a fix. Thought that might help anybody else having the same struggle as mine. What I can tell is that it's not related to the computer used since I've made the same operations on 3...
  3. TraxXx44

    Thread Mi 5 stuck on black Mi screen

    Hello everybody, To explain things a bit better than just this title. I have a Mi 5 that was working smoothly for quite a long time. Had a modified MIUI ROM flashed on it with many specific apps such as xposed, Magisk and also TWRP. However, my GPS has turned completely dead for some months...