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  • Yo , Trib. I got my Rhodium (TP2) in today. My wifey will be taking my Wing over. Still running your V6 (SD) on it :)

    I won't be as available to test ROMs for ya for a while, at least not until she gets a new phone.

    I will still be monitoring your threads and provide feedback if possible and can still test ROMs, just will be a bit awkward for now.
    hi mate
    thx for ur pkg of sys and rom which u had provided at Da_Gs thread.unfortunately that doesn't contail my required the whole pkg is a waste for me.but thx for help.can u tell me from where I can get 28230 dpi96 wwe.
    Yes. But you can also change it. Just click on edit and then click on "Go Advanced."
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