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    Thread mi 9 multi touch problem

    My mi 9 seems to be able to only detect 1 finger. Completely wiped phone and problem still persist. Anyone with same issue or able to fix issue?
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    Post [App]Gcam 7 Working (Updated Thread Android 10)

    Is the photo quality any better than previous versions?
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    Post Gcam V7

    Link won't install for me
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    Post Screen died - phone still works - is there a way to fix?

    I broke my screen. Went to xiaomi hk and they fixed it. 860 hkd which I thought was fair.
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    Thread Help! Extremely long Mi 9 unlock wait time

    Hey everyone... just got my mi 9 and getting this crazy 1000 hours wait to unlock bootloader. Would be extremely grateful if anyone can help me reduce that time.... tried everything on the internet. :(
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    Post INSANE battery drain

    May try to turn off mi sync
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    Post 1080 hours (45 days) required for unlock!

    Can someone help me?? I have the same issue... My account has a crazy long wait time ... Thanks for the help
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    Post [ROM] XIAOMI.EU ROMS - Stable and Weekly released

    Can't see battery usage with new rom. Dirty flashed down and still having same problem.
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    Post Working Gcam 6 with manual focus and long exposure!

    Works well please let us know if there is an update!
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    Post [ROM] XIAOMI.EU ROMS - Stable and Weekly released

    On latest beta ROM and Android pay not working with magisk 18.2 with hide enabled.
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    Post [GUIDE] Root using Magisk, keep stock recovery for OTA

    Hey guys I'm currently on miui 9 and want to update through ota to 10. Possible to not brick my device and keep magisk and root ?
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    Post [ROM] XIAOMI.EU ROMS - Stable and Weekly released

    What's the difference after the new global update ?
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    Post MI MIX 3 ITA - : tons of BUGS

    Worse part for me is it can't expand messages from popup or lockscreen
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    Post Anyone tried this eBay case?

    I got mine for about half the price with a screen protector. Works well and look nice. But it does add bulk. Got a nice heavy slide too.
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    Post MI MIX 3 ITA - : tons of BUGS

    Tbh mines a global unit and I find that the latest eu weekly is very good