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  • Hi, I don't know f you will respond or hopefully someone else can help me. I flashed the opentouch 6.1 and now i cant sync it to my computer. any help is greatly appreciated, either message me or post here. thanks
    ttran001, you send me a address and I will send you one of my old bluetooth headsets. that way you will be able to test!
    Just let me know!
    hello my name is marcel and I comes from suisse.i has simvalley xp-45 and I creates it simply not, this telephone too flashen.ich has all possibilities try out if I it with original Romes bottles wants, must I it with one sd-card do must I the map to insert, before the telephone does not find bootet.ich simply anywhere appropriate my telephone must one differently to bottles than others can you me perhaps help? my email address is [email protected] .i make this with altavista,sorry my english hihi grezze Marcel
    Yo Ttran001 My Name Is 7 And I Have A Tmobile Wing And I Need A Little Help Putting Your Apps Onto My Phone... What Do I Do 1-201-616-6802
    Hi love the work you do.
    btw i have the ot org currently installed but for some unknow reason i am unable to (enable wireless and configure my wing to connect to t-mobile web)
    for almost five months i have been at it.
    [email protected]
    pls help.
    i really like open "touch v4.0 biggy vista 2". its got so much stuff in it. is there an updated version that is similar to this rom? this rom has so many programs, games, but its very intelligent in small ways. like when you open the wing the background pic is automatically sized, or the contacts list doesnt have to be doubled up with sim and phone listings. little things like that i like. so kudos for that!
    you are the man ttran.. currently running your 7.7 biggy and i wanted to say thanks for all your work and devotion.
    my name is bgrch i luv ur work i have sent a 20.00 dollar do nation for ur bet hope u win i dont know how u know how to prov it but my name is richard and in the dicription box i put i luv ur work . one request if i may i use the the skyfire browser can u make a link for it to work on ur rom so i dont have to add it every time if not thats ok to good luck.. bgrch
    my friend i posted a donation to you a few days past. I am not in need of a name on the leading page but a simple acknowledgemnet will do fine.

    you are truly a master of your skillz.

    thanks again.
    First, thanks a lot for the great roms. Second, I am frustrated in figuring out whether to stick with 7.4 or go back to 7.3. Is 7.3 faster and what was changed or improved in 7.4?

    what's the difference between the 7.3 and 7.4 lite?

    Nevermind, I found see the thread.

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