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  • Hello tucahara,
    I am not exactly sure what would be needed of me here. Which project are you asking for help with? Are you asking if I can create a GUI for audioswitch?
    VMVoIPfull I'm eagerlly awaiting your release :), in fact im holding off on w/ playing with voip. I'm a clean install. I have gizmo sip working through fring and portsip pangolin for now.. www.portsip.com (good client g729 inside, only down side is it doesn't integrate into windows nor does it give you a contact list)..

    I'd love for them to be able to intercept the windows dialer, or work with it to perform the call cause the quality is good; and they have stun capability... Can you release the cab file :)
    Hi, can you please help with voip i am trying to use with hsdpa on samsung omnia i900.After installing and setting up with my provider i first have to connect to data (hsdpa) and then my voip registers but cannot make calls it hangs up after dialling. It dials ok on WIFi!
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