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  • Hi,
    Hơ about USIM unlock?
    I got a Touch Diamond P3700 baby, she runs on WCDMA Korea, support GSM bands.

    When I insert SIM (not USIM) she asks an unlock number!

    However, she hasnt got IMEI (due to CDMA?). Could you give a solution for this guy^^

    USA CDMA versions may be similar or different, not sure, but not P3700!

    Hey! I got HTC ROSE S740 locked by Orange.
    Can you help me out with unblock code?
    IMEI 352681020609435
    Thanks in advance)

    Can jou create the unlockcode for my touch hd t8282 imei 35396902158400701

    Many many many thanks from austria
    Hello tupisdin, I am just back from a journey in USA (I leave in Paris). I bought a second hand HTC dream. If you could provide an unlock code for this T-mobile HTC dream I will be grateful.

    Thank you very much.
    my email is [email protected]
    Please sir,can you help me unlock htc ipaq hw6515a cingular? I would be very much happy if you can help me unlock this fone,this is my [email protected] and the IMEI is 357413000473417,thanks in advance.
    Hello Mate!
    You still offer the Sim Unlock via Code for the Blackstone 8282 ?
    Would donate the same Price as for Ollipros Service......
    Will that do?


    hello tupisdin,
    so far, there isn't a hardspl for topaz, i want to know if i donate to XDA, could i get my topaz CID-Unlocked? or could i flash my device to a cooked rom?
    thank u in advance.
    sir I usually get rare type of htc which dont have unlock software except via imei , also get hp ipaq which always get wrong code, if I need some unlock codes , I will send you regular these but need good price, please do let me know, you can add me in msn [email protected]


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