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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL-CRISPY][11.0][25/12/2020] Potato Open Sauce Project [STABLE]

    Which vendor should I use, I just get a bootloop? I've tried both v12.0.2.0 and v12.0.6.0, Chinese variant. [Edit] Nevermind, I had to flash the DM-verify encryption disabler zip.
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    Post Redmi K20 pro, Locked No Compatible OS

    Was there a way to flash without erasing, I cannot remember. But it sounds like you need to flash a rom version comparable to the current one (without wiping), boot, unlock bootloader.
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    Post Redmi K20 pro, Locked No Compatible OS

    It doesn't matter whether the bootloader is locked or not with miflash. Give it a go with the correct rom. As long as it's an official rom.
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    Post Favorite Rom || Discussion ||

    I've just tried Aosip for the week, and it's riddled with bugs. Gesture issues with recents. Wifi dropping out. Hangups in recents. Crashing apps. Average battery life. ?
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    Post [ROM][10]AOSiP[Official]

    I can't seem to find the "clear all recents" setting. Other than this, great battery life and performance. Minus thevweird lag spikes when using Google maps.
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    Post Favorite Rom || Discussion ||, because all of the AOSP roms share the same bugs. Such as the home gesture not working in the recents area when you hide the gesture bar. MIUI also has a much nicer status area. It also better integrates with my smart home devices and tells me the battery charge of my wireless Xiaomi...
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    Post Install youtube-dl in termux

    Can you please not use script tags, I'm unable to copy due to a bug in Chrome for Android.
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    Post How to root Nova 3i please help

    You cannot unlock the bootloader for this device.
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    Post Poco X3 upgrade or downgrade?

    I played with one in the shop, it's a downgrade. However the display size is nice.
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    Post is it still worth to buy in Sept./Oct. 2020?

    I kind of regret it. There's noting really wrong with the phone, it just leaves a lot to be desired. -The screen is very small and narrow & the bezel is quite large for a modern phone. -Battery life is pretty good, but not great. -The screen quality/resolution is not good. I find it quite...
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    Post Should I update to MIUI12?

    Just set your notification sound to silent/nothing. Who needs to hear a notification sound every minute. And OP. Just go for MIUI eu 12. It's perfectly fine. I prefer the optional new status toggle area. Performance on miui 11 was quite slow and sluggish, whereas the latest miui 12 releases are...
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    Post [KERNEL][AOSP/CAF] [11] IMMENS1TY - X [STABLE] [31-12-2020]

    That's unfortunate, my Chinese variant states Mi 9T Pro in the 12 about section. I successfully flashed this for the first time on my device. I must say, battery life is no worse than stock. But it's definitely more responsive.
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    Post [RAPHAEL] [10.0] [ROM] AhuraOSP [Deprecated]

    Don't, it'll make it run worse with less battery life. This kernel needs a serious update.
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    Post [RAPHAEL] [10.0] [ROM] AhuraOSP [Deprecated]

    With actual use, it's not so good. I'm a deliver driver now, so I can tell when it's not lasting as long. It's still not bad.
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    Post [ROM][11.0] Havoc-OS 4.1 [OFFICIAL] [30-01-2021]

    Have you been using full screen gestures without the gesture bar? I doubt it. The revenge home glitch happens frequently on all AOSP roms. Bluetooth doesn't pair also.