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    Post [ROM][10][A5|7 2017] LineageOS 17.1 Official [WEEKLY]

    actually it was a long journey of searching to find a solution that works for me. anywhere (other device) i read about the combination with james dsp - magisk moduls: 1- james dsp manager - install - do not reboot during installation you get asked and need to answer with volum up / down go...
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    Post [ROM][10][A5|7 2017] LineageOS 17.1 Official [WEEKLY]

    hey there, A5 (2017) lineageos 17.1. a build of februar. (i don´t update every weekly) magisk and viper fx runs well. then i did a clean new install of lineage 17.1. 20210408 (needed to update twrp to last build too) magisk last build wanted viper fx back but driver don´t get installed. audio...
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    Thread A5-2017 rooted - odin manuell security patch update

    hey there, is there a chance to update just the security patch? just for my understanding and learning- i always downloaded on sammobile the firmware and flashed the 4 parts. all is fine but i always had to delete my not-wanted Samsung and Google apps again and again. is there a way to update...
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    Post [ROM][10][A5|7 2017] LineageOS 17.1 Official [WEEKLY]

    hey there, thinking about LOS 17. does somebody know -is ' migrate' working to backup and restore my data to LOS 17. coming from stock rom 8 rooted. thanks for information!
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    Post [GUIDE][17.06.2019] RMM/KG bypass - Root/Install TWRP on Exynos Samsung after 2018

    hello there, i`m new so - i did all the steps last stockware june 2019 - A520FXXUBCSF1_DBT via odin, 168h waiting, through the steps twrp and magisk. so i´m unlocked, twrp, rooted. i´m on stockfirmware 'oreo', no custom rom. actually there is the july security patch. how do i flash it without...