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    Post Kernel Source Acquired

    Sorry for the long delay in response. Basically, I have an almost perfectly functioning build of LineageOS for st18c7bnn (Nook Tablet 7" 2018 Android Go Edition only), but I wanted the kernel source so I could rebuild the kernel and attempt to merge in security fixes for it. If you have the 2018...
  2. turtleletortue

    Post TWRP for Nook Tablet 7"(BNTV460)

    Updated post. Be 100% sure your device is BNTV460, Android Oreo Go Edition, before proceeding. https://github.com/phhusson/treble_experimentations/releases/tag/v119 Either system-arm-aonly-gapps-su.img or system-arm-aonly-vanilla-nosu.img should work depending on whether you want Google Apps or not.
  3. turtleletortue

    Post Kernel Source Acquired

    I have recently built LineageOS 15.1 for the Nook Tablet 7" (Only st18c7bnn/bntv460) and have looked over the kernel source and found that this source code is essentially useless because it is missing the lcm code, which controls screen and touchscreen. I do not see them releasing full kernel...
  4. turtleletortue

    Post Need the proper scatter file for BNTV450 (ST16C7BNN)

    How messed up is the Nook you are using? If the partition layout isn't messed up and you are having issues with stuff like system and boot, you can probably use WWR MTK to make a scatter file. I personally don't own that model of Nook Tablet 7 so I don't have a scatter for it, I only have...
  5. turtleletortue

    Thread [MUSTANG] FireOS 7(pie) released

    Amazon has finally released FireOS 7 for the Amazon Fire 7 2019! What does this mean? This means that developers have newer blobs and kernel to work with for Mustang roms! This could be good for development. I don't know if ggow will come back to this device, but I'll personally be trying to...
  6. turtleletortue

    Post [DEV][ROM][UNOFFICIAL] LineageOS 16.0 (Android 9) for Raspberry Pi 3 B and B+

    Good evening. iirc, Konstakang left a file called "resolution.txt" in the fat32 partition with the boot files in it. You can edit this to match the resolution of your monitor. Ex: my monitor is 1920 by 1080, so I'd change it to say 1920x1080 instead of 1280x720. I don't know if this messes up...
  7. turtleletortue

    Post Bringing an old Nook HD+ back to life

    Hey, one question, are you able to boot into TWRP? If so, you can flash any rom. Also, here is the link for installing stock rom again if you want. https://forum.xda-developers.com/nook-hd/development/stock-nook-hd-nook-hd-2-2-1-2018-update-t3840163 I personally haven't tested it though.
  8. turtleletortue

    Post Restore BNTV460 Stock Firmware help

    Yeah, your device may be completely bricked. The Nook Tablet 7's are confusing due to the two of them being only slightly different, but different enough for disaster to happen.
  9. turtleletortue

    Post Restore BNTV460 Stock Firmware help

    Questions I have for you that may influence how you should handle this: - Is the tablet you are on the Marshmallow Nook Tablet 7 (BNTV450) or the Oreo Nook Tablet 7" (BNTV460)? Ignore the rest of my questions and my advice if it is the Marshmallow BNTV450 one. - Did you flash the stock rom that...
  10. turtleletortue

    Post Restore BNTV460 Stock Firmware help

    So here is the only solution I can think of (if you still have this device). Download the latest boot.img and system.img (available here https://androidfilehost.com/?fid=4349826312261752630 ) and use the scatter file to flash them to the device (download mode and check system and boot and...
  11. turtleletortue

    Thread TWRP for Nook Tablet 7"(BNTV460)

    Things to know: This is for the 7" with 16GB of storage and Android Oreo Go, I don't have the other 7" to test, it probably won't work or will brick the marshmallow model. The BNTV460 has the codename of "st18c7bnn," so that's why the repository is named as such. USING THIS WILL VOID YOUR...
  12. turtleletortue

    Post [Q] Android Go for the Nook HD/HD+ - any possibility?

    Here is the issue with Android Go on this device: the ram-saving features of Android Go are implemented on Android 8.1.0 and beyond (iirc). The Android Oreo builds for this device are not as usable as Marshmallow and Nougat builds. It may be possible to get them to work better, but that is...
  13. turtleletortue

    Thread Help Porting Custom Roms?

    So recently, I have been made aware of a device called the Powkiddy X18. At first, I didn't want to have it at all. However, I saw people with it not having a good experience with it, so I decided to help. The device could not use Play Services (on the stock rom it would act bricked if they were...
  14. turtleletortue

    Thread GSI Roms working (BNTV460)

    Due to the Android Go 8.1 version of this device being Project Treble compatible, we are able to use Generic System Images to run custom roms on this device (has to be BNTV460). This thread will be an information place for GSI's on this device. This is currently the only method of getting custom...
  15. turtleletortue

    Post [RECOVERY] TWRP for Onn Android Tablets (unofficial) - 2019-11-30

    Hey, This is a neat thing to see for the Onn tablets. I have a question though. I own a device based on the mt8163, and am trying to help people with another device I don't own (the powkiddy x18 which also uses the mt8163). One of the things I wanted to do was to make a custom rom for the x18...