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    Post Note 20 Ultra eSIM update is here!! (T-mobile USA)

    Hey you need to do a factory reset first then remove your sim card from the phone. Download the latest T-Mobile firmware using Frija's windows application and use "TMB" for carrier code. Launch patched Odin (v3.13.1_3B_PatcheD). With the phone powered off, hold down volume up and vol down...
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    Post e-SIM/Dual SIM Feature Upgrade Available/Included In OTA March Security Patch Update For SM-N986U Users!!

    Correct. eSIM support is carrier dependent as well as device brand/model. The carrier support must come first then the carrier's devices will eventually get eSIM support. Verizon has a few devices that supports eSIM however most of their phones don't offer eSIM. However, Spectrum Mobile (uses...
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    Post How get back your carrier services if you changed your CSC code.

    Follow THIS thread. I'm actually going to flash back the the T-Mobile carrier firmware. If you're currently on the unlocked U1 firmware and want to switch to the carrier U firmware, factory reset your phone then power the phone off and remove the SIM card. Leave the SIM card out when flashing...
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    Post Note 20 Ultra eSIM update is here!! (T-mobile USA)

    I can confirm that the latest UC8 firmware for the unlocked U1 N20 ultra doesn't have eSIM support. I'm going to flash back to the U firmware for T-Mobile.
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    Post How get back your carrier services if you changed your CSC code.

    You will neeed to follow the instructions in the OP. But I'll help you. #1. Reboot to recovery and do a factory reset and wipe cache then power OFF your phone. #2 Remove sim card. #3 Download and install Odin v3.13.1_3B_PatcheD. #4 Download Frija Firmware Downloader from here...
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    Post Can someone unlock my Note 10+?

    There's absolutely NO possible way to perpetrate "theft of service" with a wireless carrier so don't go there. It's very simple. If you don't pay your bill what happens? They disconnect your service until you pay your bill. Therefore they don't allow people to steal service from them...
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    Post [ROM] [AROMA] [ULTIMATE Note 7 Hybrid] [N930PVPU1APGC] [v1.1] [updated 5/12/2017

    Good evening fellow XDA members. It has been quite a long time since I've been on XDA, let alone work on any ROM's/mods. As time goes by I look back at all of the many, many hours I put into this ROM and others and today it's a sign of how fast technology/devices advance. By today's standards...
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    Post Need a Note 9 Snapdragon w/Oreo on Verizon that won't be Pie bombed

    IT_Architect Native call recording on Samsung phones was removed a while back as far as I know. A few devices back, such as the Note 4, it could be enabled by editing the CSC. This would enable the call recording button on the dialer but it replaced the call waiting/3-way call button. So today...
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    Post Official OTA Update Pie [N960USQU1CSAA] [SM-N960U U.S. Carriers] [2/1/2019]

    Obsolete firmware Since this firmware is long outdated and Samsung & every U.S. carrier has made their Pie firmware available to the public, this thread will be closed. Please find your carrier's current firmware from their support website or visit
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    Post [U/U1][02/2021][FUA1]Note 9 Official Firmware and Guide to Convert to USA Unlocked

    Call recording is only available on certain international firmware. It's a CSC feature that isn't available on the U.S. firmware. If you have root you can add the call recording feature to your CSC and that will be the only way to get call recording unless you find the specific international...
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    Post What happened to the good old days of people having super modded ROMs

    Locked bootloaders is the primary reason for the lack of custom ROM's for the U.S. variants. Everyone knows this.
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    Post anyone got the s10+ camera apk for use om the n9?

    My post above is in regards to the N9's with locked bootloaders and no root. Clearly some people have no idea how the Android system works or how Samsung's proprietary camera apk utilizes additional libraries and framework java. Without these things that are REQUIRED for the camera apk to...
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    Post anyone got the s10+ camera apk for use om the n9?

    First of all the S10 camera has hardware specific features. Secondly, the Samsung camera app is a system app that integrates throughout Samsung's OneUI allowing it to be used from within several Samsung applications seamlessly. Without root or the ability to first remove the stock Samsung...
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    Post Official OTA Update Pie [N960USQU1CSAA] [SM-N960U U.S. Carriers] [2/1/2019]

    Since T-Mobile took their time releasing Pie, the new TMB OTA has a different revision than the CSAA build. This means the T-Mobile OTA expects your phone to be on the previous RL1 firmware or it will fail. Exactly.
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    Post Official OTA Update Pie [N960USQU1CSAA] [SM-N960U U.S. Carriers] [2/1/2019]

    Seriously? You come in this thread and disrespect people and "vent" and somehow you feel the need to "let me slide" for asking you to be more respectful and to simply offer your findings (more clear instructions that some kind person posted elsewhere) without the insults. I'd rather you not let...