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Recent content by Txdude35

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    Post T-mobile revvl 4 root

    I know little about Android development but I have the device it's not my daily driver so I can test stuff on it and if it goes south it's no big deal. Btw the revvl 4+ is the Qualcomm model, the 4 is the mediatek soc.
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    Post TWRP fails to boot on Android 11, 'Error verifying the received boot.img: Invalid Parameter'

    If TWRP does not work on Android 10+ what are we doing about flashing custom roms? Booting the TWRP and then sideloading the ROM? I need help. When I try to boot TWRP(assuming its possible) I get an error :invalid parameter, error verifying the boot image. I am on Android 11. Yes, Ive used the...
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    Post TWRP help

    Code: Fastboot boot "name of your twrp.img" no quotes
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    Post [OnePlus 7T][ROM][OTA][Oxygen OS] Repo of Oxygen OS Builds

    Anyone have a stock OOS android 11 fastboot enabled ROM? I put the indian version on my phone to fix the modem, and then went to the Global version 10.xxxx only to realize I cannot downgrade like that, and now my device is stuck on the splash screen. I can get fastboot no problem. This was all...
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    Post [Guide] Using Fastboot.exe with Motorola devices

    I need some help. I tried flashing a GSI, for which I was unsuccessful. I then tried using LMSA to go back to stock, but it fails around 50%. I used fastboot to go back to stock, however when I flash vbmeta, it tells me there is no such image in the directory even though there is. It also will...
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    Post Question Device tree

    I don't know how to fix mount points but I can help test once it's all finished. I wish I knew more than I do
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    Post Rooting the Motorola one 5G ace

    Anyone actively developing TWRP or custom ROMs for this? Currently have a OnePlus Nord N105G on Metro and OEM unlocking is tied to sim unlocking. Looking for a change.
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    Thread Hard Bricked OnePlus 6t Tmobile Version

    I have a Tmobile OnePlus 6T, hard bricked. Mine gives the usb device malfunctioned error. I have installed, uninstalled and reinstalled the qualcomm usb drivers. It recognizes the phone in the device manager as USB DEVICE DESCRIPTION FAILED. The MSM tool wont recognize it, and my phone wont...
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    Post Help! OnePlus 6T bricked/won't turn on [T-MOBILE]

    Mine gives the usb device malfunctioned error. I have installed the qualcomm usb drivers. The MSM tool wont recognize it, and my phone wont boot in any other mode except EDL. It will not boot to bootloader or anything. Funny thing is, all I was trying to do was convert the T-Mobile version to...
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    Post Umidigi A3 Pro - TWRP & Stock Rom

    The system image link to Google drive is not working. I get an error page that says unable to open file at this time. I've tried other browsers, desktop PC, other cell phones, clearing app cache and history, all have failed.
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    Post Umidigi A3 Pro - TWRP & Stock Rom

    Which A3 pro are these roms for? A3 pro comes in two versions. Build number with an N and build number without an N. For which build number are these roms for? Thank you dev for your work!
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    Post [ROM][OFFICIAL][fajita][9] LineageOS 16.0

    Volte and VoWifi This may be as simple as being on cricket wireless not AT&T, but I've tried the magisk mod and I still don't have VOLTE or VoWifi. I know cricket says they don't support all devices on VOLTE and VoWifi, but my understanding was that AT&T didn't either. Supported only on...
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    Post [ROOT][SNAPDRAGON] SamFAIL for Galaxy Note8[V3]

    I'm sorry I should have included all my efforts...I have tried all available mirrors on numerous occasions, both simultaneously and separately. ---------- Post added at 06:03 PM ---------- Previous post was at 05:08 PM ---------- I've also tried on different days. This has been a work in...
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    Post [ROOT][SNAPDRAGON] SamFAIL for Galaxy Note8[V3]

    SAMFAIL v3 will not download from AFH I have tried repeatedly to download v3 from AFH. It may start out ok, but then goes to 10 hours remaining, then back down. It varies wildly nothing is consistent. It eventually gets to about 40-45% then pauses(its the site doing it, not me) and resets. This...