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  • Hi! tyguy
    I have a thc pro fuze at&t phone and i'm trying to unlocked my pc is running on windows 7 64 bit, i downloaded the raphael program from one of the torrents, when i go to the first step which is flash hard-SPL everything is ok but on the second step which is unlock radio said spl flashed! and then communicating whith device thenstay there for long time and nothing appear to happeng can you give my a light on this.
    Fuzenoob - PM's are better but ...
    Look either in programs if you have "enlarged start menu" or in the forum (if you don't find email me). and set it to enabled or disbaled.
    hi tyguy..... hows it going?? as u can tell from my id ima new to the htc mod.. i bought a fuze when it came out and i followed your detailed instructions which were amazing.....the only problem im having is that my start menu is really big...as in when u click the start button the drop down menu takes up half the screen.... i was wondering if you knew how to make it smaller? do i need a different theme? thanx for your help....
    It seems that you understand the process of unlocking & flashing HTC Touch Pro very well. Can you please help me with the entire process, including software which are needed to be installed beforehand.
    I saw your post, but couldn't understand few things. I've just got my HTC Fuze from AT&T and haven't yet started it. I've following queries:
    - So what all I need to do to unlock it? Do I need any unlock code or just software provided by Olipro is sufficient?
    - Do I need to flash with new ROMs? If yes, where can I get these ROMs & how can I flash?
    - Do I need to change radio ROMs aswell? If yes, where can it be found & how can I flash it?
    Lastly, is there any source which can explain whole process in detail, especially for novice like me.
    Thanks for your time.
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