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    Post LineageOS no root despite installed addonsu

    They removed addonsu for LineageOS 17. LineageOS is dropping its own superuser implementation, making Magisk the de facto solution
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    Post does energy ring by IJP have burn in protection?

    The answer is found in app description. "Screen burn-in: The original variant of the App, Energy Bar has been used over several years by users on their AMOLED devices, there has been no complains. But there is no claim that it may not happen." ”Samsung automatically moves few pixels every now...
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    Post HELP!!!!

    You got it fixed or it's still in the same state?
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    Post [Remove display cutout][ROOT] Full screen 21:9 for apps in landscape, incl Netflix.

    Yes, it's still working fine with magisk on latest (August security patch).
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    Post [XT1970-X] Stock firmware share thread. [TOOL] fastboot flash / info

    I was on QSAS30.62-33-2 and got ota for QSAS30.62-33-3. 30.62-24-6, is that a few monthe behind? Just asking because the August security patch for euro is 30.62-24-11 or 30.62-33-2, depending on country/carrier I guess. Not sure why they send out two different firmware versions in Europe.
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    Post [XT1970-X] Stock firmware share thread. [TOOL] fastboot flash / info

    Hi. Yes I got the ota notification, but it can't be installed with root so I had to do a few steps to be able to do it without losing anything since I have also disabled encryption. ---------- Added:
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    Post [XT1970-X] Stock firmware share thread. [TOOL] fastboot flash / info

    I got the Reteu August update through OTA yesterday. Still waiting for fastboot files to be available.
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    Post moto one vision hard bricked

    Found something intresting on "lolinet" today. A "blankflash" for kane. Could be worth a try for sure, if you're hardbricked. I have not tried it so I've no idea if this is legit. The procedure would probably be something like: Unzip all files. Install drivers...
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    Post full brick

    Don't know if it can revive the phone if you flashed a blankflash for a different device. These are the pins to short to force the device in to edl mode.
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    Post Bootloader driver issues on Windows 10?

    This devices is tricky for sure. Everything worked just fine when I unlocked bootloader a few months back, but now when I wanted to flash LOS I just couldn't get anything working with drivers. Then I stumbled upon this [Tool] Latest ADB Fastboot and USB Driver installer tool for Windows and it...
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    Post Unable to flash LineageOS Error: 255

    I had the same problem with TWRP. Switched to Lineage recovery instead and everything went smooth.
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    Post [XT1970-X] Stock firmware share thread. [TOOL] fastboot flash / info

    Yes, reteu and retgb use the same builds afaik, and it's also true that flashing firmware from different region / carrier won't change your update channel. I'm not sure about recieving ota. I guess it depends on if that perticular region / carrier uses the same firmware version as the one you...
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    Post [XT1970-X] Stock firmware share thread. [TOOL] fastboot flash / info

    New firmware package uploaded, reteu July patch.
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    Post Motorola One Action Android 10 Update

    Uploaded some July fastboot packages.