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    Post [ROM][10]RadicalQuack OneUI 2.5 Port V3.5 [J730X][EXYNOS7870]

    Nope, you are not disabling any features by changing kernels.
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    Post J7 Prime bootlooping after flashing twrp

    It's fine , Flashing TWRP first time wipes your data thus you get bootloop. You just need to Flash a custom rom and evertything will he fine.
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    Post [ISSUE][G610M] Can Bluetooth audio be improved when Wi-Fi is in use?

    Try switching your router from 2.4Ghz band to 5Ghz and check. Coz Blueooth loves to interfere with WiFi networks and viceversa , mainly because both send signals over a 2.4GHz radio frequency. Sometimes Bluetooth cuts off access to the internet entirely, while in other cases it just slows down...
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    Post [ROM][8.1]LineageOS 15.1 for J7 Prime

    Nope, it still persists even in higher AOSP and GSI roms. And i don't think, it is going to be fixed either.
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    Post [ROM][10]RadicalQuack OneUI 2.5 Port V3.5 [J730X][EXYNOS7870]

    Fash Astrako's universal repartitioner script zip.
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    Post [ROM][10]RadicalQuack OneUI 2.5 Port V3.5 [J730X][EXYNOS7870]

    Make sure : . You have mentioned version of Twrp or Orange fox recovery. . You have flashed create vendor file ( . You have flashed Astrako's Universal repartitioner script zip. Please follow the installation steps carefully. Also, For some users Ares kernel might...
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    Post [EOL][ROM][10.0] YumiOS Q V3.0 for Exynos 7870 Variants [G610x]

    Great ROM. Was laggy at first so debloated some apps , it's pretty smooth now. I will be looking forward to yumi v4 with same port base with fixed features like face lock, (iris maybe), and more debloatable apps in aroma . Currently, i am using it as my Daily driver, really loved it.. kudos...
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    Post TWRP can't recognize SD card, how to keep TWRP on stock rom?

    No, you can't keep both twrp and stock Rom. unless there's a Twrp flashable stock rom. Custom Recoveries (Twrp,Orangefox,SHRP,etc) for J7 prime have this bug i.e. unable to mount sd card or external storage. For this, you either have to flash rom files through OTG or connect your device to the...
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    Post [APP][4.0.3+][GPLv3] APKUpdater 2 - Get Updates for your Apps!

    'Disabling Google play store as update source' is the only option to get it working else it shows ; getUpdateAsync error. I tried the older versions but for no avail. Anyways, Thanks dev for this wonderful app.
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    Post SD Card on Recovery for J7 Prime

    Why can't you access your OTG?? Try OrangeFox Recovery.
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    Post [rom] wow rom j6 port[treble]

    Its specially for j7 prime, Read the description plz.
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    Post Best gaming J7 Prime ROM
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    Post [EOL][ROM][10.0] YumiOS Q V3.0 for Exynos 7870 Variants [G610x]

    Yeah, The rom is kinda laggy. Reduce the screen resolution, Flash magisk and it will optimize the apps properly in the next boot. This will make Rom somehow perform better also you can debloat unnecessary apps, flash tweaks, etc .