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    Post Working GCam Port for Galaxy S9/S9+ Exynos ONLY!!!

    Anyone know night sight working gcam app for s9 plus with one ui exynos version? I try 3 of them but all of them fail to load when click night sight all other options ok but i need night sight soo badly.please help me to find a working one
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    Thread Which one should i buy? qualcomm or exynos

    Hey guys im planing to buy a note 8 but there are two different chipset models so which model should i buy? and also i heard there is a colour burning issue on note 8 is it happen in both chipset devices or just exynos device.please help me to sort out this problems
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    Post Bootloop no Recovery/Download only fastboot - Unlocked - need help

    today i have the same issue only have access to bootloader restart it self.i dont know hwaty juts happen.anyone know please help me
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    Post [ROM][9.0.0][UNOFFICIAL][OCE] LineageOS 16.0 [STABLE]

    Im coming from stock android 8.0 there anyway to flash this rom without wipe internel storage?
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    Post [ROM][9.0.0][UNOFFICIAL][OCE] LineageOS 16.0 [STABLE]

    1. you can install playstore htc camera without any problem but its not working as the oreo based rom ( camera lagging sometimes) 2. i tried everything but still im unable to connect my 3rd party type c cable for this rom in rr15 its working perfectly 3. performance ok no lagging at all give a...
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    Post [ROM][9.0.0][UNOFFICIAL][OCE] LineageOS 16.0 [STABLE]

    Without any app? 3rd party adapter support for this rom?
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    Post [ROM][9.0.0][UNOFFICIAL][OCE] LineageOS 16.0 [STABLE]

    Just telling for everyone 1.Audio only works with HTC type c headset and not working for the htc type c adapter feel smooth 3.Try HTC camera but it gives some errors try google camera for that
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    Post How is the Oreo update so far?

    yes there is a ghost input in u ultra noticed that too.when switch to edge this happen but with hspa it doesn't happen. ---------- Post added at 06:47 AM ---------- Previous post was at 06:34 AM ---------- there is a white screen flash when using a app.does anyone know how to fix it?
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    Post [ROM] Stock HTC U Ultra Dual SIM | CID 059 060 | 7.0 Nougat | 8.0 Oreo

    that mean install twrp and then flash the first page oreo rom? or rename the zip file and flash through the download mode?
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    Post [ROM] Stock HTC U Ultra Dual SIM | CID 059 060 | 7.0 Nougat | 8.0 Oreo

    my device is on v1.64.400.10 but when i check it showing there is no any update? previously i was on ledroid ultra rom i already flash the ruu file from the first page and then i update it to the 1.64.400.10 but after that when i check it showing is no any update? my cid HTC__060
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    Thread gonna buy new phone help neeeed plz guys

    im gonna buy a new phone but i dont know which one to plz help me guys.i like htc one m8,htc eye and htc m8 these 3 phones please tell what are the faults,errors and why i dont buy one of these phone.hurry up guys i want to buy immediately...!!! i think m8 is better am i correct...
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    Post [Q] Virgin Mobile HTC Desire 510 on GSM Networks

    first thanks for helping us these are the required files.i create a zip file.there are 23 files if you have a time dump this files from your system.thanks again
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    Post [Q] Virgin Mobile HTC Desire 510 on GSM Networks

    Still there is now any success???? Im also trying to convert this to gsm but no any success.if someone has any good news then please inform us Hope this can unlock Cheers ---------- Post added at 06:51 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:48 PM ---------- There are some ril files i think...
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    Post [OFFICIAL] Korean SGS III (SHW-M440S/SHV-E210S/K/L) Rooting, ROMs, and Kernel + Guide

    thanks brother. offline charging not working in this rom(ehema neda malinga..???) .anyway great rom bn