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    Thread Galaxy A70 has 8MP Main camera and not 32MP? Attention everyone

    I've been using the A70 for about a week. I interacted with some A70 owners and they said that the phone had 8MP main camera and not the 32MP main camera. I gave a try to some hardware info apps and all showed 8MP camera at the back and 5.2MP camera on the front. What's wrong here? The phone is...
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    Post [RECOVERY][UNOFFICIAL] TWRP for Galaxy S10+ Magisk Prepatched

    The simplest way to go into Download Mode: Power down your phone. Press and Hold Volume Up + Bixby + Power button to boot into recovery. In recovery, select "Reboot to bootloader". This will boot your phone in the Download Mode. I am posting this as I saw some fellows having issues with the...
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    Thread Galaxy Note FE Android Pie XXU4CSC4 Direct/Fast Download

    Galaxy Note FE N935F has got the Android Pie update. The update is out in the Philippines and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I have downloaded the XTC and KSA version and uploaded it on the fast mirror. Phillippines Download: N935FXXU4CSC4_N935FOLB4CSC1_XTC.ZIP Saudi Arabia Download...
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    Thread A6 Plus Android Pie XXU3BSC6 Stock ROM - Direct/Fast Download

    I downloaded the ROM and uploaded it to a fast mirror for everyone. A6 Plus Android Pie XXU3BSC6 Phone: Galaxy A6+ 2018 Model: A605FN Firmware: Android 9 Pie Changelog: 15574486 Build Date: 2019-03-01 Region: Poland - XEO PDA: A605FNXXU3BSC6 CSC: A605FNOXM3BSC6 Download...
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    Thread Direct/FAST Download XXU4CSB9 A730F Android Pie

    Galaxy A8 Plus Android 9 Pie Official ROM. I have uploaded the ROM to a mirror for fast download. Download: A730FXXU4CSB9_A730FOXM4CSB9_SER.ZIP Firmware Details: Version: Android 9 Changelist: 15486197 Build date: Tue, 26 Feb 2019 15:47:11 +0000 Security Patch Level: 2019-02-01 Product code...
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    Thread Galaxy M30 Stock Wallpapers

    I extracted the Galaxy M30 stock wallpapers. There are a total of 6 Galaxy M30 stock wallpapers. Download: All you have to do is to hit thanks.
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    Thread Galaxy A50 Stock Wallpapers

    Galaxy A50 comes with 9 stock wallpapers. I have extracted the wallpapers, they can be seen below. Download all Galaxy A50 Stock Wallpapers: Please don't forget to hit thanks. That's all I ask for.
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    Post Official Android Pie G955F DBT ROM - G955FXXU4DSBA - Direct/FAST Download

    If you have installed Android Pie and its working fine, there is no need to do anything else. Just enjoy!
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    Post Official N950FXXU5DSB2 Android Pie - FAST/Direct Download [Added More Regions]

    You can flash one of the firmwares given above. Having EUR firmware won't really make a difference since these are all OXM firmwares. The CSC will adjust according to your own region.
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    Post Official N950FXXU5DSB2 Android Pie - FAST/Direct Download [Added More Regions]

    Oh, I got it now. Thanks for adding to my knowledge.