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    Thread Where do I ask for backlighted buttons notifications (open source)?

    Hi all, I'd really like my backlit buttons to light up if I have unseen notifications. Am I correct that there is no open source solution for that yet? Can we get funding up for that? I'm happy to pay 5€ for that feature. Maybe others want to join so there is more incentive? Where should I post...
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    Post [ROM][UNOFFICIAL][WIP] Cyanogenmod 11 (4.4.4 - kitkat) for fairphone FP1

    Wait, didn't you build this rom with the kernel that you compiled yourself? You even linked to a github page for that. Which sources are missing then? I'm confused
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    Post Fairphone - Technical details, links and Q&A interaction with Fairphone [26 Jul 2014]

    Would anyone of you like to inform/ make noise at Fairphone about this critical issue that all smartphones have:
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    Post [HOWTO] Seamless integration of Android and GNU/Linux Debian (or Ubuntu)

    Hello, I have a question, why did you choose the modified-for-Android-kernel as top kernel, instead of the standard GNU+Linux kernel? Doesn't that mean the system runs slower because Android is for battery powered devices?
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    Post [Q] Chroot question

    Hi, yes I thought about this too and spend way too much time looking for a solution like that :) Plase post if you find anything or even manage to do something on your own. This would totally rock, as I don't want to use any proprietary OS but would like to play some Android games on my...
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    Post Fairphone - Technical details, links and Q&A interaction with Fairphone [26 Jul 2014]

    Maybe someone or even fairphone can get a crowdfunding up for developing updates and regarding the issues you mentioned above? edit: i found on the forum though that they are still working on an update
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    Post [ROM] [01-OCT-2013][r13] CM 9.1 + bat drain/1080p/USB FIXED

    Thanks a lot, I've set it, now let's see how it performs :cool:
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    Post [ROM] [01-OCT-2013][r13] CM 9.1 + bat drain/1080p/USB FIXED

    I'm still using my DS as a DD with this rom :) It almost never crashes however sometimes it just gues off and stays off until I power up again. I guess it's a battery problem (software problems always make the phone reboot, right?)
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    Post [ROM] [01-OCT-2013][r13] CM 9.1 + bat drain/1080p/USB FIXED

    Yeah, I'm still using it too!
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    Post [APP] [4.0+] Smart Scroll Tools

    Hello, looks like a nice tool! Are you planning on releasing the sourcecode?
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    Post [APP][4.1+] Krypton Web Browser - Private, fast, simple.

    Hi Kr36, thanks for this browser! I will gladly donate 1$ if you make your app available on or if you post a step by step compile tutorial or non-playstore downloads (would be great with autonomous updater). Looking forward!
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    Thread [Q] NFC Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 10 issue

    Hello everyone, the Lenovo Thinkpad Tablet 10 seems to have an issue with NFC says my roommate. It's as if there is no nfc hardware. It doesn't even show up in the device managéur. Any ideas? Any LTT10 users? Regards and thanks
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    Thread [Q] Would it make sense to try to merge glibc and bionic?

    Hi people, so with all the development going on seperately for glibc and bionic based applications respectively, would it make sense to try to get everyone to work together? For example extend the bionic libraries because they've been optimized for devices with lower ressources and to be low on...
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    Post Fairphone - Technical details, links and Q&A interaction with Fairphone [26 Jul 2014]

    Hi haiag, I guess yes, because afaik there is no patch for this security hole. Just don't use the AOSP browser (Firefox is a great alterative) and you'll be safe.
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    Post MediaTek driver sourcecode (want custom ROMs? read this!)

    I can't tell you if such petitions work, but we have the sourcecode now from mediatek through the Fairphone people :) Check out the development forums