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    Look great can i have a promo code? Thanks
  2. unseen

    Post Heat

    Really hot with ONE UI 3, already reset to factory after update but nothing has changed.
  3. unseen

    Post Galaxy S10 + WITH Android 11 is a TRASH! ****!

    My S10+ sometimes works very hot even if in idle with screen off. This happens only after ONE UI 3 update
  4. unseen

    Post [Discussion] Wich ROM are you using and why?

    I am back to Miui 11 global due to mic/assistant problems
  5. unseen

    Post [ROM][11][lavender] Pixel Experience [OFFICIAL][AOSP]

    I also have the problem of the Microphone permission for the Google App. If I deny permission, people on phone call can hear me; if I give permission, people don't hear anything.
  6. unseen

    Post [ROM][11][lavender] Pixel Experience [OFFICIAL][AOSP]

    Really good version, way better than the past. No Mic problem, sound is better, battery ok, stability ok. Some little bugs: No Netflix, no Prime Video playing anything, green YouTube embedded videos (ok in the app).
  7. unseen

    Post [OFFICIAL][9.0] Pixel Experience 2019/10 [UNSUPPORTED]

    after dirty updating from 9 plus to 10, fast error message that disappear, no more face unlock, encrypted TWRP. What am I doing wrong?
  8. unseen

    Post Show your lock/homescreen/theme

    Pixel Experience ROM Lawnchair launcher beta System icons Lock screen photo by me
  9. unseen

    Thread Themes Store

    I would like to know if does exists an apk to install the Theme Store on EU Oppo Reno. I've searched for it but no luck
  10. unseen

    Post LineageOS 16.0 appears to be live for the Essential Phone. Anybody try it yet?

    I have received a mention notification from the system, but I am not the right "unseen" :D
  11. unseen

    Thread Fingerprint sensor is not the best

    Hello, I really like my Oppo Reno, but there is one thing that doesn't work very well: the fingerprint sensor. Every day I have to enroll my fingerprints, because the device doesn't recognize them. Do you have the same problem?
  12. unseen

    Post Photo quality

    Does the quality of the photos is the same after the update to official stable Android 9? I've read that in some cases the quality is 60% of the quality in Oreo. Could you confirm?
  13. unseen

    Post [ROMs][TREBLE] OpenKirin AOSP Collection

    Please I would like to know how to disable fingerprint gestures in RR, I don't find in the settings, I am going mad