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  • Yes, and i could have acces to telnetd and now y must to follow the others step, you can stay o midnigth to talk and make yo some questions if i have it???

    How there i now there i have, look i downgrade to RC29 and reboot, then appears no sim card, then it suppose hit <enter> key twice an write telnetd and hit <enter> again, we going fine at this point but in my case what suppose happen then i my case nothing happen, no command line to hit locahost and blablabla.... what i have to get root??? please be more specific o more graphic, im trying make this two days and i still stock in this steep.... i wpuld like recibe a answere from you...thanks
    i have been trying to root my g1 using your instructions under the thread "Step by Step How-To get Modify RC30" but when i get to the second step i try to use the adb devices command but it comes back saying that it failed. what do i do to get it working.
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