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    Post [ROM][ONCLITE][11.0] Evolution X 5.1 [UNOFFICIAL]

    I wish there would be no major bug!🤗
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    Post [ROM][Onclite][10.0.0_r39] AospExtended ROM V7.3 [OFFICIAL]

    can anyone tell me if I can get live caption in this ROM or not? ???
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    Post [PORT][RECOVERY] Sky Hawk Recovery Project

    very nice contribution. অনেক সুন্দর অবদান ???
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    Post [ROM][10.0][ONCLITE][UNOFFICIAL]Evolution X 4.1[03/04/2020]

    Ragy747, I am extremely sorry sir. please unblock me on telegram.???
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    why lineage OS doesn't have more necessary customisations???
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    Post [ROM][10.0] ArrowOS [onclite][UNOFFICIAL][DISCONTINUED]

    many many thanks for your amazing works. could you please include all of the unique features of Arrow OS?
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    Post [ROM][10.0] MOKEE 100.0 [OFFICIAL] [ONCLITE]

    what's the difference between MOKEE OS and other ROMs?
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    wow great advice ? everyone should appreciate that.
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    bro, this ROM is the best ROM among the ROMs you are developing. I like it.?
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    Post [ROM][Onclite][10.0.0_r39] AospExtended ROM V7.3 [OFFICIAL]

    I am facing 2 problems right now with this ROM: 1. gaming mode is missing. 2. notification light blinking cannot be disabled when battery is under 15%.
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    Post [ROM][Onclite][10.0.0_r39] AospExtended ROM V7.3 [OFFICIAL]

    Thank you very much.? I will start using this ROM from now as my daily driver, because I like your hard works.?
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    Post [ROM][Onclite][10.0.0_r39] AospExtended ROM V7.3 [OFFICIAL]

    bro? thank you very much for your great recommendation. do you think clean flesh is easy every month?? it will take much time to reorganize our phone after a clean flash.?
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    Post [10.0][ROM] Superior OS [Phoenix][UNOFFICIAL][onclite]

    bro how can you make these ROMs? There must be very hard work to make these ROMs. you are great?