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    Post [KERNEL] [G93xx] WirusMOD [Nethunter AiO]

    Is this working with G930L?
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    Post [KERNEL]Hentai Himejima Version[pyxis][vela][4.9.228]

    But now, eu Miui 12, the kernel does not work anymore for me. Screen cannot be awake after turning off display. Sad for now :cry:
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    Post New Android 10 update

    Can i update recovery rom with twrp recovery?
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    Thread Can I flash Stock MIUI Recovery Rom with Twrp Recovery?

    I switched my RN4 with Mi 9 Lite. In my previous device, we can flash stock miui recovery with twrp, and it is working fine without turing on pc and connect to device to flash fastboot rom.:confused: What if stock recovery rom (Q) would be able to flashed successfully thru twrp, should i flash...
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    Post Bricked CC9 from anti-rollback. Help with EDL flashing

    What recovery version (whose) did you use when you brick your pyxis? :confused:
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    Post [RECOVERY][3.4.0-10][pyxis/vela]Official/Unofficial TWRP Xiaomi Mi 9 Lite/CC 9(Stable)

    In most custom rom flashing procedures, The OP mostly mentions, "Wipe system/data..." ...but how? :(:confused: Still iam confused of my new pyxis to flash roms because iam afraid to bricking it,.. :eek: Thanks
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    Post [Kernel] Nethunter (Oreo) for MIDO

    Nethunter Kernel for mido (pie) This is just personal kernel but willing to share if someone has a compatible wifi adapter and for some reason we mido users don't have kernel supported packet-injection :p This kernel is only for Redmi Note 4x (mido, PIE) - Flash the kernel with twrp recovery...
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    Post [Kernel] Nethunter (Oreo) for MIDO

    You have to pull boot.img from your existing/current/rooted ROM., via adb. So you won't lost your root after flashing new boot.img because you only replace newly compiled image.gz-dtb inside of your current boot.img.
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    Post [Kernel] Nethunter (Oreo) for MIDO

    . I think you didn't reboot your device into recovery mode to pull boot.img via adb? Without rebooting into recovery mode, it wouldn't let you pull boot.img. and find right block address of boot.img via adb . I used AndroidImageKitchen which is working fine for me, replacing image.gz-dtb . To...
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    Post [Kernel] Nethunter (Oreo) for MIDO

    Yup, you're right, last year was terrible and I completely failed to compile.. :p that one use rt2800 driver, chipset is Ralink rt2870/3070 i think Here are the screenshots I took. I haven't made a flashable zip, I just modify into boot.img. that's why I cannot upload right now. it also works...
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    Post [Kernel] Nethunter (Oreo) for MIDO

    Finally, I have already successfully compiled my own kernel (PIE) for supporting monitor mode--packet injection It is working with Alfa Awus036NEH (RT3070), capturing handshake, packet injection is working according to aireplay-ng ( which should also works with all chipset used RT3070)...
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    Post [REFERENCE] How to compile an Android kernel

    OMG. :victory: I got it now. Thank YOU :o