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  • you are welcome
    yes, X1 has one, don't know how long it took to make it
    the prob for X2 is most obviously the fact, that the hardware is not done by HTC as with X1, but by SE
    so for X1 it was probably easier as they could deduce from other HTC devices, for X2 that's not possible, so it's "virgin soil" and takes longer
    you are not the only one who would love to have a working h-spl for X2
    all there is now: patience
    hello to you too
    I assume you have an account on htcpedia, also Vagrik, is that correct?
    if so, you asked the same q there on 6th of April although itje already answered the q in the same thread on 22nd of March
    if you don't have an htcpedia acc, read here
    manam mesle Khodet ye Iraniam....
    karet doroste..
    man too mobilestan nistam. too IR-TCI pishe Reza WM hastam :D
    mokhlesim... AlHagh ke irani hastid o honarmand
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