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  • I attempted this as well and found OTHER issues. I have the Mytouch 3g phone from T-Mobile. In addition to the antennae issue you reported, I also noticed that the replacement battery cover will not fit the mt3g middle section. It is too thin. I then noticed that the replacement middle section will not fit the main board. The mic section at the bottom is reverse on my phone. The new middle section has a mic opening on the headphone side of the usb port and my mt3g housing has a mic opening on the usb side of the usb port. (refering to the icons at the bottom of the middle section). So, the middle section is worthless to me. I have yet to find a US model mt3g housing that is built like my original. I ended up only using the front panel of the housing and the key pads from this 40$ kit I bought. What a mess. I didn't even attempt to refit those antennae stickers. haha. Let me know if you had more sucess.
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