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    Thread IS There a better rom than OOS nowadays?

    Just wondering if by now there is a rom better than the stock OOS? Thanks!
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    Post Issues with restoring from Titanium Backup on Android 10?

    Any idea why this breaks titaniumbackup?
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    Post [Kernel][22.09.2020][4.14.198][Android 10] Kirisakura 2.0.0 for OP7/Pro aka Guacamole

    Thank you OP for this update! So just to confirm, the gpu overclock is disabled by default and the only way to enable it is to download exkm? Does it affect battery life? Thank you!
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    Post [ROM][PORT][R] Pixel 4XL Developer Preview 2.1 for OnePlus7 Pro [RPP2][06.04.20]

    Anyone can chime in on how this rom is vs the stock rom?
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    Post [Kernel][22.09.2020][4.14.198][Android 10] Kirisakura 2.0.0 for OP7/Pro aka Guacamole

    Anyone else noticing a difference in screen saturation? I think after flashing the latest my screen is way more saturated?
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    Post Nope.

    Um okay
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    Post Nope.

    Will call recording be available soon?
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    Post [OxygenOS System Mods] RENOVATE ICE 14.0 | OP7/OP7PRO//OP7T/OP7TPRO

    Does anyone know how to get this call recording to work on google dialer? Mine isn't working and I am using google dialer v37
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    Post Enable Native Call Recording [OOS] [ROOT/NON-ROOT] [APP/MAGISK MODULE/ADB/TASKER]

    Anyone know of a way to enable call recording on google dialer?
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    Post [Magisk ROM] xXx NoLimits [OP7pro] ☆ Speed/RAM optimized ☆ [OOS/H2OS v10]

    Thank you so much for the hard work for this module! Is there any chance to make the AOD text font a bit smaller? Thanks!
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    Post Must have apps

    Wonder how migrate is compared to swift?