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    Thread Saygus dead?

    Can anyone confirm this rumour? Skickat från min ONEPLUS A5010 via Tapatalk
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    Post Androud doesn't support call recording

    Yes, it dies. What Androud version are you using?
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    Thread Snapdragon 835 and Android >8.1?

    When the V² was announced, it had the 801 processor. Years later, someone steely-eyed tweeted that Snapdragon wouldn't supposed the next Android version (was it 7 Nougat?) on the 801 chip. Saygus acted and upgraded to the 835 chip. Now, even newer chips have been released. Is there any...
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    Post OnePlus 6T

    Do you mean the 5T?
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    Post [MOD][ROOT][LM-G710EM][MAGISK]v16

    Same thing occurred om v10b. When I rooted, hotspot didn't work. I live in Sweden, if that matters ..
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    Post [MOD][ROOT][LM-G710EM][MAGISK]v16

    I believe not. Hotspot works before root. Skickat från min LM-G710 via Tapatalk
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    Post [MOD][ROOT][LM-G710EM][MAGISK]v16

    With the tremendous help from you guys, I have My v10f rooted now. The only bug I've notices is that hot spot doesn't work. Is there anything I can try? Skickat från min LM-G710 via Tapatalk
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    Post Working GCam apks (normal/wide). Be proud of having the best camera ever.

    I can't get slowmotion recording to work. Either app just closes. Skickat från min LM-G710 via Tapatalk
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    Post LM-G710EM v10f KDZ by Kedge

    I have same phone and firmware. But what should we do with the KDZ file? Any way to root it? (Newbie) Skickat från min LM-G710 via Tapatalk
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    Post LM-G710EM v10d KDZ

    Swedish newbie here..... I was on v10b and rooted it. Now upgraded to v10f through computer as FOTA failed. Root is of course gone. Is there any root for v10f yet? Skickat från min LM-G710 via Tapatalk
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    Post Software updates

    is root preserved if updating to v10f? or can I reapply root afterwards?
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    Thread v10f root?

    I'm on v10b now and it's rooted. Now the phone alerts me that fw v10f is available. Will I loose root if I update? And if so, can I re-root it? Skickat från min LM-G710 via Tapatalk
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    Post [MOD][ROOT][LM-G710EM][MAGISK]v16

    I cannot get any device to connect to my rooted G7. I suspect that root caused this. Should I try a static IP? If so, in what range? Skickat från min LM-G710 via Tapatalk
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    Post Advanced Charging Controller (acc)

    It IS open source. Just download the Tasker stuff! I have no clue about various hardware support. Just built the app with the help of Tasker's app factory. If your processor supports Tasker, this should be no problem.