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    Post A Nice Method for Kindle Fire connecting to Ad-Hoc WiFi from Laptop

    Worked nicely! Got it to work, but now I cannot get back into "Infrastructure Mode". I even went as far as doing a device reset through the device settings. Now I can't even register my device. ---Tread with caution--- Wouldn't recomend "zt-180 ad hoc switcher" on the Kindle fire. EDIT...
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    Post Connecting Kindle Fire to Ad-Hoc network

    Nice tip, works great! Finally able to connect to my KF to my OG Droid running Wifi Tether. All this time I thought it was a kernel problem. Only problem I'm having is reconnecting to my KF to regular WiFi. I turned on "Infrastructure Mode", tried rebooting. Seems radio is stuck in "Ad-Hoc...