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    Post [ROM][8.1][v500] crDroid Android 4.7 [10 Oct]

    I think this the thread you remembered But I haven't tried the links if they still work.
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    Post Fcc Car Launcher [official thread]

    actually I realized that the difference between the OBD and GPS in my car (Mazda 6) is 1km/h at max, mostly they're the same. Plus OBD works in tunnels etc.
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    Post [Discussion & Feedback] OxygenOS 10.3.7 OTA for OnePlus 6T

    so far so good, I haven't noticed any issues at all. Honestly, if someone had done that update from beta 1 without me knowing, I wouldn't have noticed the difference. Now I wonder if Google Pay is going to work, I haven't yet had a chance to test it. It wasn't working on the beta 1. Update...
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    Post [Discussion & Feedback] OxygenOS 10.3.7 OTA for OnePlus 6T

    actually no - I did the same, flashing the latest stable over the latest open beta. I got the warning that data would be erased so prepared backup. After the reboot, it looks like nothing was wiped, phone works as before. I'm actually not sure if I'm back to stable - can someone confirm?
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    Post [App] OnePlus 6T Google Camera Port [Fajita] [OP6T]

    Check the website linked in the first post - the latest versions are from 2 days ago.
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    Post [ROMs][TREBLE] OpenKirin AOSP Collection

    from the official Telegram support channel
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    Post Pie update globally roll out with stable update

    yes, it shows fast charging but never gets over 2000 mA, so I guess no change there.
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    Post notch problem

    no as far as I can say. There is an option in settings to hide the notch, but all it does is that the status bar stays black regardless of the open app. But it's not displayed lower on the screen (which is I believe something you were after) so the notch is still there and cannot display...
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    Post [ROMs][TREBLE] OpenKirin AOSP Collection

    I used lineage and omni rom's, each for a couple of weeks - they're both perfectly usable. There are bugs (they're betas), but nothing major. If you want/need NFC, you'll want omni.
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    Post [ROMs][TREBLE] OpenKirin AOSP Collection

    I wonder if I should keep any hopes of LOS getting updated?
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    Post [ROM][7.1.x][v500][OFFICIAL] LineageOS 14.1 [Nightly]

    Honestly, I'm surprised it's still supported (security updates). We're taking about 5-year device that has never been too spread-out and that LG abandoned at 4.4. Of course, it cannot be compared too never devices but it's still good enough for playing movies and occasional news reading. Big...
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    Post SmartRover vs. HU - 2014 Mazda 6

    so, I recently purchased following HU, for my 2013 Mazda 6 (no Bose), and decided to post my experience. 9" Android 7.1 Car Stereo For Mazda 6 Atenza 2013 2014 2015 Auto PC Radio RDS Audio Video Headunit GPS Glonass Navigation No DVD So far, so good -...
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    Post [ROMs][TREBLE] OpenKirin AOSP Collection

    well, OldDroid said he was working on LOS update, so I hope NFC is on his list ?
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    Post [OFFICIAL] LineageOS 14.1 | ido

    I stand corrected, you're, of course, right, I completely forgot about that. But what about the flash? Is that a known issue?
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    Post [ROMs][TREBLE] OpenKirin AOSP Collection

    Hello, maybe slightly off-topic, but I don't even how to Google this, or were else to ask From the little I know about the treble project, the system occupies only a particular partition(s), while the partitions responsible for communication between the HW and SW/system are separate - hope...