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    Post [FIX] Fix "bricked" HD2\Leo; 1e FATAL HIT

    Thank you very much!!!!! you are my hero!!
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    Post [APP] [THEME] Words with Friends *Dark Mod* v4.01 08/17/2011

    Thank you! I've been looking for this verison 4.83 but I'm not used with dark mod theme. lol
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    Post question about android on Nokia Astound

    anyone tell me? Can I??
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    Thread question about android on Nokia Astound

    I wonder if I can install Android Nexus S Gingerbread 2.3.2 on Nokia Astound
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    Post Best Android NAND for hd2

    When I got HTC HD2 and I decide to trying out for Android 2.3.. It really amazing when I using Android cause it's very much better than Iphone! Its work like a charm!
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    Post [Q] USB init failed Info

    Thank man!!!!! I was worries about my HTC HD2 after I kept failing! until I read this and I realize that it was run as administrator then I click it! everything is very smooth!!!! thank man!!!
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    Post [Q] How do I get WP7 on my HD2?

    try this! hope this help!
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    Post Activation Code via chat!

    Imao!!! They asked you if you use HD7! hahahahah
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    Post [Q] help! i want to have wp7 can anyone guide me please

    I would like to know too!!! I will get new HTC HD2 soon
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    Post WP7 on HD2 [Cotulla Development status preview]

    for realz!!!!!! I'm going to get new HTC HD 2 back soon since my old HTC HD 2 was broke! I really thought about buy HTC HD7 but I didn't until I read this! whooo!! I want WP7 on my HTC HD2!!
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    Post [Q] Hi question about HTC HD2

    thank! well, lock screen got my phone for freeze cause I can't open unlocked the screen that's why
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    Thread [Q] Hi question about HTC HD2

    where can i find a unlocked screen applications? because I want to remove unlock screen. if it use lock screen then I cannot open the unlock screen because of freezing. Can anyone help? thank!
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    Post how can i set default on skyfire or opera for htc hd2

    Never mind! I figure it out!!! whoo!
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    Thread how can i set default on skyfire or opera for htc hd2

    how can i set default on skyfire or opera for htc hd2? anyone know?