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    Post Went to the dark side. No update profile, PRL, RCS chat

    I had something similar. Removed my number from googles chat service via the website. Cleared carrier services and messages data and cache fixed it. Took a day or two for it to reregister and give me the rcs toggle again. Once it did I enabled it for Google messages. Then stock messages. Been...
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    Post Post your Note 20 Ultra Home Screen

    My current set up. Modified Lucid KLWP by YoG. Removed all the extras and trimmed it down. Added my own wallpapers.
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    Post [APP] Arc Lighting - Notification Light for Galaxy Note S10

    I would love to review this. Still giving our codes?
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    Post [HARDWARE] UART Cable time

    Haven't heard anything in a while. Still working on this?
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    Post [V2][Update][Root][G955U]PartCyborgRom - SamFail Rooted/Debloated/Audio/More

    Green hue issue here, too. White balance is off in general. Turing screen on and off sometimes fixes it. Screen not going to full brightness occasionally and flickering as well. 955u.
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    Post Swift Dark for Substratum

    I see that Samsung users can use this theme too. Is there any difference between this and the Swift for Samsung or are they essentially the same?
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    Post Microsoft HD-DockStation

    Anyone else see a post full of emojis and immediately disregard the text they're in?
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    Post [ROOT]G955U/G955U1 SnapDragon SamPWND Root IS HERE! This should take care of that.
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    Post [ROOT] SAMSUNGFONTS 1160 Fonts for ALL !

    Stock Unlocked S8+. Installs but says the fonts aren't supported. Sadness... Lol
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    Post Current ROOT Progress for G950U/G955U Snapdragon

    They were watching as soon as the device was released. They pay people to read these forums.
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    Post Looks like I'll have to bring my charger to work..

    You may have a dud. I'm coming from a 6p too and I usually have about 30% batter at the end of the day when I was shutting down right before leaving. I run a dark substratum theme with brightness at 35%. I get 6hrs but I stream video and game off and on.Give it a few days and if things don't...
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    Post [HARDWARE] UART Cable time

    Doesn't usb-c spec call for a 56k resistor in the cable? I remember there being a problem with incorrectly manufactured cable having 10k resistors.
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    Post [APP][4.1+] Release Tracker - Follow Artists (UPDATED) - Promo Codes Giveaway

    I would love a promo if available. This app is seriously an awesome idea.